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Choose Your Character Wisely: Maximizing Effectiveness in Fairytale Dream Factory

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Choose Your Character Wisely: Maximizing Effectiveness in Fairytale Dream Factory

New Characters and Exclusive Skills Revealed in “Fairytale Dream Factory” Game

The popular mobile game “Fairytale Dream Factory” has recently introduced six new characters, each with their own unique starting skills. Players can now choose their favorite character and use their exclusive skills to achieve maximum effectiveness in challenging levels.

One of the characters, Alice, comes with the game at the beginning and has versatile skills. Her skill, Upgrade Recovery, allows her to restore life by upgrading in the level, making her a great choice for beginners.

Prince Yongyong, on the other hand, has a skill called Close Range Shooting. This character requires expert operation as players need to attack very close to the monster to get the maximum benefit. Skills like multiple arrows can bring greater explosive power.

The queen of hearts has a skill called Reflective Arrow, which is useful in levels with many obstacles. By using attack rebound, players can eliminate opponents from a safer distance, making it a versatile and effective skill.

Sleeping Beauty’s skill, Tear, adds extra damage on critical hits. This skill becomes more powerful in later stages, and players can increase the critical hit rate and damage through learning other skills, maximizing the power of Rip.

For players who prefer long-distance attacks, Amys is the perfect character. Her skill, Sniper, allows her to eliminate opponents from the safest distance, making it friendly to players who struggle with positioning.

Lastly, the mad hatter has a skill called Unstoppable, which becomes a late-stage explosive skill. Although relatively weak against bosses, this skill can quickly destroy mobs, making it the perfect assistant for players to beat clearance time.

“Fairytale Dream Factory” offers players a unique gaming experience with its simple and easy-to-operate characters. By sliding the screen, players can control their fairy tale characters to challenge fantasy and interesting levels. Each time characters upgrade, they gain random ability enhancements, making it even more exciting to destroy enemies with refreshing attacks.

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In addition to the thrilling gameplay, the game also allows players to explore a dream world filled with distinctive levels, rich enemies, and partners waiting to be discovered. Players can also satisfy their design desires by collecting various decorations and equipment in different worlds to create their unique fairy tale characters.

“Fairytale Dream Factory” is available for dual-platform download at https://fairytale.gameone.com/qr. The game is a casual adventure type and is accessible for players on global servers. Gameone is the operating company behind the popular game.

To stay updated on the latest news and updates, players can visit the “Fairytale Dream Factory” Facebook page.

With the introduction of these new characters and their exclusive skills, “Fairytale Dream Factory” offers players a fresh and exciting gaming experience. Whether you are a beginner or an expert player, there is a character suitable for your playstyle. Start your fairy tale adventure today!

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