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CNH Industrial: solutions for a more tech and sustainable agriculture

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CNH Industrial: solutions for a more tech and sustainable agriculture

Michele Lombardi, CNH Industrial Senior Vice President of Corporate Development will be at the Italian Tech Week on September 30th at 11 am in Sala Fucine.

The accounts of CNH Industrial, the Italian-American giant in the agricultural and construction machinery and services sector, are flying. In fact, at the end of the first half of 2022, the company recorded revenue growth of between 12 and 14 percent compared to the previous year. But what matters, from the point of view of innovation, is the fact that research and development expenses and capital expenditures of approximately 1.4 billion dollars are confirmed.
The new strategy adopted by the company for the next three years fits into this perspective: full integration between environmental and social aspects and business objectives. The result is a continuous improvement process that generates long-term value.
CNH Industrial has included in its business plan the new purpose Breaking New Ground – Opening New Horizons – focused on innovation, sustainability and productivity. This objective reflects the company’s ability to create new and increasingly innovative solutions, considering the impact of its activities on the planet and on people. Today, farms cannot ignore the use of innovative technologies and machines to achieve the goal of sustainability of crops, the balanced use of territories and the correct management of resources.
The acquisition of Raven, a leader in technology, software development, satellite management and precision agriculture, fits in this direction. It is an American technology company that creates innovative solutions to face major challenges. Autonomous systems, for example, can contribute to soil preparation, sowing and planting, nurturing, cultivation, protection and harvesting.
CNH Industrial, through the New Holland Agriculture brand, started production of the world‘s first 100 percent biomethane-powered tractor in 2021.
The company has been studying alternative fuels for several years, and is an industry leader with several innovation programs aimed at further expanding the product portfolio with liquid natural gas solutions.
The aim is to allow agricultural workers to be increasingly independent in terms of energy, bringing them the benefits of the circular economy.
CNH Industrial has introduced virtual testing for its agricultural machinery into its projects, through the use of Hpc (High Performance Computer) and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) simulations, transforming risk profiles, as well as reducing design times, costs and carbon emissions associated with these processes.
As part of investments for sustainable innovation, CNH Industrial has also announced this year the establishment of CNH Industrial Venture, a branch of the company dedicated to the search for collaborations with the great innovators of tomorrow in the field of alternative propulsion, digital, automation. , robotics and other fundamental cutting-edge technologies serving the agricultural and construction sectors.

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Michele Lombardi, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development di CNH Industrial.

“CNH Industrial Ventures represents a further piece of our growth strategy that further strengthens our commitment to innovation” he said. Michele Lombardi, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development di CNH Industrial.
“With a strong partnership-oriented approach, we aim to leverage our proven expertise, strong market presence and heritage to help fast-growing companies that are redefining the future of the Agriculture and Construction segments. structure increases our ability to increasingly deliver inspired innovation to customers, to enhance their valuable work of nurturing and building a more sustainable world.

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