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Cohesity simplifies and speeds up TXT storage

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Cohesity simplifies and speeds up TXT storage

Modernize data management processes and accelerate backup and disaster recovery operations. These are the problems facing society TXT e-Solutions it found itself facing and to solve them it focused on Cohesity solutions.

More simplicity and lower costs

Quoted at the stock exchange with a capitalization of 250 million euros and with a turnover of around 60 million eurosTXT e-Solutions is a company specialized in the creation of key and business-critical digital solutions to support businesses along the way digital transformation.

In view of its activity, TXT e-Solutions found itself in the situation of need to ensure protection about 80TB of datawith a 10TB year-on-year growth. Furthermore, as listed on the Stock Exchange, he could not afford downtime that could directly affect profits.

These specific needs have led the company to face ever-increasing difficulties in data management, which required a radical change. “The app we were using made it operations are increasingly complex – he claims Azamat Uzhangaliyev, Head of IT di TXT e-Solutions –, while we had need a solution that would simplify the activities, diminuisse il Recovery Time Objective e il Recovery Point Objective and let us reduce costs”.

TXT e-Solutions therefore aimed to equip itself with a single, modern solution that would enable effective data managementadapting to thesoftware defined architecture of the company and was able to embrace a hybrid and hyperscale environment.

Greater scalability and flexibility

After evaluating some of the major players in the market, TXT e-Solutions has chosen Cohesity solutions to modernize data management processes and accelerate backup and disaster recovery operations. Compared to the previous legacy solution, with Cohesity TXT e-Solutions has achieved greater scalability and flexibility it’s a easier administrative management relying on a single supplier for management.

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Thanks to the implementation of Cohesity DataProtect software – precisa Azamat Uzhangaliyev – we got the more than 50% reduction in backup timessaving up up to 25% of the space occupied by data by virtue of a higher compression factor, e up to 25% of the time dedicated to the management of data protection processes, resulting in a increase in efficiency and productivity. The adoption of Cohesity’s software has resulted only positivesi”.

Move resources between cloud and on-prem

It should be emphasized that TXT e-Solutions has been a Cohesity customer since 2018. But only at the end of 2021, after transforming its main data center infrastructure into a hyperconverged platform, TXT e-Solutions decided to completely rely on Cohesity for data protection, adopting DataProtect in replacing Veeam, the existing legacy solution.

TXT e-Solutions today uses most of the data protection features of the Cohesity Data Cloud platform, which allows it to protect your workloads on-premises and in the cloudincluding collaborative environments like Microsoft 365. TXT e-Solutions relies on Cohesity’s backup and recovery, disaster recovery, file and object solutions.

Cohesity has made our data protection processes measurable, verifiable, predictable and reliable – he declares Azamat Uzhangaliyev. These features have given us the freedom to choose the performance we want to achieve in our data protection processes. This allows us ample flexibility to scale the cloud when we run out of resources during a project and of move resources between cloud and on-prem depending on availability”,

The time it takes to run a daily backup has been reduced from 32 hours to 12 hourswhile maintaining the same type and amount of data. A full backup of 48TB of data from the primary data center today takes 12 hours, while a incremental backup of the same infrastructure in two hours. Also recovery times have been reduced from 72 hours to just three hours. TXT e-Solutions is able to fully restore a 2TB virtual machine in 50 minutes and to find a file within 80TB of data in 60 seconds, saving hours of labor each week and also substantially in costs.

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Fast transition without stopping virtual machines

Not only. Also the transition from the previous solution to the new one it was particularly fast e without having to stop and patch the virtual machines. “Il process took place in due step – highlights Manlio De Benedetto, Director of System Engineering SEMEA Cohesity –.

data management data center tco

An initial integration with the existing software, which saw the coexistence of both solutions, was followed by the definitive transition to the new environment. Transition times were pretty quick: the 500 VMs took a few hours, while it was necessary to complete the operation wait for the retention of the old backup software to finishp. In the end, it was possible to eliminate all the pre-existing complexities, starting with so many proxy servers and all the historical infrastructure that was backed up on”.

Extract value from data

Another aspect that the previous solution does not allow is go beyond the backup and extract the value of the data – points out Albert Zammar, Regional Director SEMEA Cohesity –.

data backup

Through the same operating system and the same interface, with our solution you can also do file object storage and then have one holistic view of what is happening inside the data center. In addition to the fact that, for regulatory compliance reasons, you must be able to understand what kind of data you have, where it is stored and who is accessing it. And on this Cohesity has made great efforts”.

The new normal sees us manage large-scale operations with unpredictable workloads due to rapidly changing business scenarios – conclude Azamat Uzhangaliyev –. Even more stringent security requirements and cloud-native trends require more and more best-of-breed approaches to be supported flawlessly. It is therefore necessary to make the smart, cost-effective and future-proof operations”.

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