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Computers and tablets of 2022: the best to buy at Christmas

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Computers and tablets of 2022: the best to buy at Christmas

This text is part of a series of articles on the gadgets of the year that is about to close: our selection of 90 + 1 objects to remember from 2022 will also be a special album distributed free of charge on newsstands December 15 with Repubblica, La Stampa and Il Secolo XIX

After the binge of 2021, with computers (especially desktops) that saw an unexpected and unexpected surge in sales, also thanks to the long wave of restrictions caused by the pandemic, 2022 was a year of understandable decline. And also to reflect on what we customers really want from computers and tablets, and to anticipate what 2023 will have in store for us.

Tech Test

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro X, the proof: a beautiful display to take anywhere

by Emanuele Capone

With regard to Applethe last year was the year of the M2 processor, unveiled in June, used on MacBook Pro and Air (and iPad as well) and capable of doing even better than the already remarkable M1 chip that marked the divorce from Intel: greater power and computing capacity even with contained and optimized energy expenditure and battery consumption. Developing everything in house, the Cupertino company is managed to do in the world of information technology what Porsche seems to be the only one able to do in the world of carswith the new 911s that go faster every time and together consume less than the previous ones.

From the computer Windowsthis was one of the few years where they got both new processors from Intel and AMD both new graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, which is a rare coincidence but usually full of potential, because so much hardware to explore and combine translates into quality products. And above all, it’s a great time to buy, sure you’re (relatively) sheltered for the future. Nvidia, in particular, would ready to use her GeForce RTX 40 even on laptopswhich will thus be able to guarantee performances never seen before, especially in the gaming sector.


Rog Flow Z13, the test of the gaming ultraportable with a lot of style

by Lorenzo Fantoni

But maybe the real news of 2022 were tablets. Understood as the fact that they have not disappeared, despite the relentless competition from smartphones with increasingly large screens and convertible notebooks: waiting to understand what Google’s will be like, the one to recommend remains the iPad, now in its tenth generation (even if the price has risen and the entry threshold is higher), but something is moving around everything. And it’s moving in interesting directions. Following in the wake of the mid-2021 Kobo Elipsa, others have also jumped into the segment of tablets that become notebooks: the reMarkable 2 is excellentwhich comes from Norway and has a 10.3” screen, but Amazon also presented it Scribe, the first Kindle with a pen for annotating and writing. Products of this kind work precisely for this reason, because they allow not only passive but also active use, at work, at school, at university. And with dictation apps and Vocal recognition increasingly precise, they really look like future-proof gadgets.


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