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Copenhagen Fire and Vitality Collaborate – – Gamereactor

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Copenhagen Fire and Vitality Collaborate – – Gamereactor

The Copenhagen Fire esports organization has announced that it has partnered with Danish energy company Energive on a partnership agreement aimed at improving the well-being of children and adolescents. The pact aims to achieve this by providing a foundation for gaming and esports, which can then use activities and education to achieve this common goal.

Both also aim to “Breaking the taboos and misconceptions surrounding children’s play habits”, and aims to provide young people with gaming-related “Space to achieve this, where they feel they belong, where they can grow and develop, and where they are respected by like-minded people.

Interested in eSports and gaming, and a clear purpose for the cooperation between energy and flames,” Copenhagen Flame founder and CEO Steffen Thomsen said. “We will work together to provide a nuanced look at the conversation about gaming and esports, where the unhealthy aspects of gaming are not the core theme, but instead highlight the unique attributes of gaming communities and clubs alike.

As Thomson noted, the two sides will also work together to host a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament later this year as part of their initiative to improve the well-being of young people.

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