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Copilot for Windows 11 will get plugins and other upgrades

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Copilot for Windows 11 will get plugins and other upgrades

Microsoft Enhances Copilot Pro with New Updates for Windows 11

Microsoft has announced a series of updates for its AI assistant, Copilot Pro, aimed at increasing its usefulness in Windows 11. The most significant change is the introduction of a plug-in for Copilot on Windows 11, making it possible to link Copilot to third-party services. This feature was previously only available on the web version of Copilot.

With the new plug-in, users can now make restaurant reservations through OpenTable’s chatbot or replenish groceries using the Instacart plug-in. Microsoft has also announced that plug-ins from services such as Kayak, Klarna, and Shopify will be launched next month. These updates are designed to integrate users more closely with Copilot’s services.

In addition to the plug-in feature, Microsoft has made it easier for users to access system settings directly through the AI chat. Users can now turn on power-saving mode, view system hardware information, activate Windows 11 features like live captions and screen magnifier, and access a list of available Wi-Fi networks, all through Copilot.

Windows 11 applications that utilize AI functions, such as “Photos” and “Clipchamp Video Editor,” have also received enhancements. The Photos app now features a “generative removal” tool for removing unwanted objects from images, while Clipchamp will introduce an AI tool called “Silence Removal” for cutting out unnecessary parts of video content.

These updates will be rolled out to users running Windows 11 22H2 and 23H2 year-end update versions starting today. To try out the new features, users should ensure they have enabled the “Get the latest updates as they become available” option. Microsoft plans to provide most features with the preview of non-security updates in March 2024.

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