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Corsair CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 for AMD memory-Beautiful lighting and handsome shape, EXPO technology to easily enjoy good performance-

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Corsair CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 for AMD memory-Beautiful lighting and handsome shape, EXPO technology to easily enjoy good performance-

The lighting is beautiful and the shape is handsome, and the EXPO technology can easily enjoy good performance

In addition to using DDR5 memory, AMD’s new platform this year also has AMD EXPO technology, allowing players to easily enable the best memory parameters in the BIOS to achieve the best performance. Recently, various manufacturers have also released memory with EXPO technology. This time, we will introduce the “VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 for AMD” memory launched by CORSAIR. The shape of VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 for AMD is the same as that of VENGEANCE RGB DDR5. The difference is the color matching. It adopts iron gray color matching and provides DDR5 in terms of speed. -5200 (CL40), DDR5-5600 (CL36) and DDR5-6000 (CL30) three specifications, packaged as a dual-channel group, with a capacity of 32GB (16GB x2), the heat sink is made of aluminum, and it is stacked with triangles Geometrically arranged graphics, the texture is good and the heat is quickly discharged to maintain the best working temperature. In terms of performance, it supports AMD EXPO technology. After the BIOS is turned on, it can directly obtain the performance of the highest frequency DDR5-5600. The lighting can be adjusted through the iCUE software. It is equipped with a variety of The luminous lighting effects can also be customized, allowing players to create their own style of visual lighting effects. Let’s take a look at the performance of the beautifully lit and handsome Corsair CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 for AMD memory!

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Corsair CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 for AMD memory packaging

▼Package marked brand, product model, appearance, capacity and features

▼Pirate Ship CORSAIR Logo

▼The version introduced this time is 5600MT/s, with a capacity of 32GB (16GB x2)

▼Product appearance

▼The product model is VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 for AMD

▼Support AMD EXPO technology, you can adjust lighting effects and monitor system information through iCUE software

▼Multi-language product instructions are marked on the back

▼The side shows the pirate ship CORSAIR Logo, product model and capacity

▼Product manual

memory body

▼VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 memory heat sink adopts a symmetrical shape design, made of aluminum, with a geometric arrangement of triangles. There is a hairline decorative plate in the middle with the word VENGEANCE, and the word DDR5 on the bottom. Stickers with memory operating frequency, capacity and other parameters

▼The hairline texture plaque and the words VENGEANCE, the bottom is marked as DDR5 products

▼With RGB light

▼Single capacity is 16GB, working frequency is DDR5-5600, timing is CL36-36-36-76, working voltage is 1.25V

▼Gray heat sink with black PCB circuit board is low-key and textured

▼A glance at the top, the entire area above is designed with light guide strips to make the light more uniform, and there is a CORSAIR Logo in the middle

▼The overall shape and texture are good

Visual lighting display

▼ Isn’t the lighting effect beautiful!

▼Visual lighting effect display

iCUE software introduction

▼On the iCUE home page, you can see the detected memory and other hardware temperatures, and you can change the scene

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▼The configuration of the memory can be adjusted, such as 1×2 or 2×4 configuration, and different lighting sequences can be displayed after adjustment

▼A total of 14 built-in modes for visual lighting effects, which are very rich, and can also be adjusted and customized in detail

▼Monitor memory temperature, power consumption, VDD, VDDQ and VPP voltage…etc. information, can set warning notification and trigger setting rules

DDR5-5600(EXPO) performance test

testing platform
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X
Cooler: Jonsbo HXW-360 ARGB
MB: ASRock X670E Taichi Carrara
Storage: WD Black 1TB NVMe SSD
OS: Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit

▼Certify the authenticity of CPU-Z

▼CPU-Z Bench

▼AIDA64 memory bandwidth test-Read: 74326MB/s Write: 74311MB/s Copy: 67174MB/s

▼Fritz Chess Benchmark

▼WINRAR compression performance: 55392KB/s


▼x264 FHD Benchmark-116.5fps

▼x265 FHD Benchmark-135.9 fps

▼HWBOT x265 FHD Benchmark-174.168 fps

▼HWBOT x265 4K Benchmark-44.71 fps

▼Cinebench R20-15595pts

▼Cinebench R23-40311pts

▼Super Pi 1M:6.300 sec

▼wPrime 32M:1.843 sec 1024M:28.455 sec

▼V-Ray Benchmark-45178

▼Corona: 34 Sec

DDR5-5600(EXPO) RAMDISK performance test

▼AJA System Test:Write-20011MB/s Read-19376MB/s

▼ATTO Disk Benchmark:
Maximum read speed up to 29.25GB/s
The maximum write speed can reach 39.06GB/s

▼Crystal Disk Mark Seq Read-26107.76MB/s Seq Write-17252.80MB/s


Corsair CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 for AMD memory performance is really good, you can directly open AMD EXPO technology after entering the BIOS, you can immediately enjoy the high-quality parameter performance brought by DDR5-5600, the bandwidth has a high-quality performance of 67000~74000MB/s, and the delay Only 68.1ns; RAMDISK can be used to store temporary files in applications, and the reading and writing can provide an astonishing performance of 29~39GB/s, which can reduce the waiting time. This is an achievement that cannot be achieved by all solid-state drives on the market. Overall, the performance Very good.
The new AMD platform is more likely to choose memory. It is recommended to start with products that have passed the compatibility and stability tests of various motherboards when selecting. This can reduce the compatibility or poor stability. If there is a product that supports EXPO technology Modules are definitely the best first choice, and it is guaranteed to be no problem! Are you looking for DDR5 memory with EXPO technology and good visual quality and performance? Corsair CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 for AMD memory is a great choice!

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