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Creative Zen Hybrid Pro Classic

The Creative Zen Hybrid Pro Classic Headphone: A Review

Buying computer accessories such as mice, keyboards, and headphones can be a confusing experience due to the variety of models available on the market. Manufacturers offer numerous options across different price ranges, all with their unique features and sometimes bewildering names.

One such headphone model, the Zen Hybrid Pro Classic, sits in the middle of the price range, with a tag of £90. Though it is not the most budget-friendly option, it offers wireless functionality at a reasonable price, making it an appealing option for consumers.

Upon initial pairing with a PC, it was noted that the device experienced some connection issues. However, these were resolved by pairing the headphones with a phone via regular Bluetooth. Despite this, using the adapter was supposed to allow for simultaneous connection with both the PC and phone, which proved to be problematic. The volume wheel also seemed to have a fixed sensitivity, causing the volume level to only change in six-step increments.

In terms of comfort, the Zen Hybrid Pro Classic is described as having a familiar design, with a metal arch and padded ear cups. The active noise-canceling (ANC) feature functions well, allowing for the suppression of background noise. The headphones also feature physical buttons, a welcome feature as compared to the touch controls found on other models.

The sound quality of the headphones, however, is deemed to be a bit lackluster, with an unbalanced sound profile that tends to favor bass. While vocals sound clear and pronounced, the overall sound arrangement is described as somewhat uninspiring. Additionally, issues with the microphone were encountered, leading to concerns about its reliability. One notable positive aspect of the headphones is their impressive battery life, offering up to 80 hours of usage on a single charge.

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Despite its attractive price point and extended battery life, the Creative Zen Hybrid Pro Classic headphones fall short in terms of sound quality and overall user experience. While it holds some appeal for certain use cases, it may not be the ideal choice for audiophiles or those in search of a well-rounded audio solution.

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