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Crossword puzzle hit Apple News intends to join | Sing Tao Daily

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Crossword puzzle hit Apple News intends to join | Sing Tao Daily

Apple News Testing New Quartiles Game for iOS 17.5

Apple News is set to launch a new game called Quartiles for iOS 17.5, as spotted by the tech website Gadget Hacks. The game requires players to form a grid of 20 syllables into five four-syllable words.

While Quartiles may seem similar to the popular New York Times game Connections, it has its own unique twist. In Connections, players must organize 16 words into four related categories, while Quartiles challenges players to combine parts into four-syllable words, similar to the game Boggle.

The trend of word games seems to be on the rise, with Connections becoming the second most popular game in the New York Times, behind only the crossword game Wordle. Apple News has previously added crossword puzzles and mini-crossword puzzles for Apple News+ subscribers, further expanding their gaming offerings.

Investing in games may seem unconventional for a news program, but it has proven to be successful for The New York Times. The newspaper’s acquisition of Wordle Games brought in “tens of millions” of new users in just one quarter, with users spending more time playing games than reading the news.

As Apple News continues to expand its gaming offerings, it will be interesting to see how Quartiles compares to other word games on the market. Stay tuned for more updates on this upcoming game release.

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