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Cubbit and Exclusive Networks, agreement for geo-distributed cloud

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Cubbit and Exclusive Networks, agreement for geo-distributed cloud

The partnership between the European enabler of cloud storage geo-distribuito and the distributor specializing in cybersecurity for digital infrastructure represents a global milestone in the go-to-market plans for the technology Cubbit and at the same time, achieve a strategic positioning in secure, geo-distributed S3 cloud services for Exclusive Networks.

Unlike many cloud storage providers, thegeo-distributed approach by Cubbit, a Gaia-X partner and one of the leading European deep tech scale ups, allows you to store data securely across multiple geographic locations within a single country. This addresses the concerns of nations regarding data sovereigntyhelping businesses meet all compliance requirements while ensuring hyper-resilience, security and control over their data.

Cubbit DS3 will be distributed on Exclusive Networks’ X-OD platform

The partnership agreement provides for joint initiatives for the supply of Cubbit DS3 solution on the X-OD platform of Exclusive Networks, the company’s on-demand consumption channel for all cybersecurity and infrastructure products and services. The platform allows channel partners to purchase, manage and deploy technologyas well as creating its own subscription service packages to meet specific customer requests.

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Paul Eccleston, Senior Vice President EMEA, said: “Data is the lifeblood of any modern organization, and the ability to securely store, manage and back it up to protect against ransomware and other cyber threats is critical. By maintaining at least three copies of your data per country, Cubbit ensures more reliable and robust protection, allowing for greater flexibility in recovery. The addition of Cubbit to the X-OD portfolio reinforces our commitment to providing unmatched value to our partner ecosystem and offers their customers an innovative solution to securely manage their growing data storage needs.”

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Paul Eccleston, Senior Vice President EMEA Exclusive Networks; Alessandro Cillario, co-CEO e co-founder di Cubbit e Richard Czech, Chief Revenue Officer di Cubbit

Cloud storage, more security and resilience with Cubbit

Cubbit DS3 is a object store multi-tenant S3 compatibile, optimized for edge and multi-cloud use cases. Unlike traditional cloud storage, Cubbit’s technology doesn’t store data in a few centralized data centers; instead, files are encrypted, fragmented, replicated and distributed across geo-distributed networks called ‘Swarm’. This technology reduces the risk of data loss or inaccessibility in the event of downtime, ransomware and hacker attacks. Swarm networks rely on recycled and dedicated computing and storage resources, helping to optimize enterprise and enterprise infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud providers, while ensuring complete data sovereignty and avoiding lock-in .

Richard Czech, Chief Revenue Officer di Cubbit, added: “This partnership embodies our shared vision of revolutionizing the world of data storage and data management by enabling partners, MSPs and resellers to generate higher margins. Cubbit has always been committed to pushing the limits of traditional cloud storage, and this partnership highlights our commitment to that goal.”

Exclusive Networks owns Cubbit’s geo-distributed cloud

With the ability to serve more than 170 countries, Exclusive Networks will help Cubbit scale its revenue growth goals. Following this agreement, Cubbit will open new offices in France, Germany and the UK, distributing its cutting-edge technology to an even wider audience.

“Businesses are increasingly encountering challenges with major cloud storage providers, such as unexpected costs. At the same time, they are concerned about the security, compliance and sovereignty of their data. Cubbit’s geo-distributed cloud solves all these problems – he noted Alessandro Cillario, co-CEO and co-founder of Cubbit – We look forward to collaborating with Exclusive Network. Together we will offer partners around the world a solution that combines innovation, high margins and peace of mind in data management.”

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Since the announcement of the Next Generation Cloud Pioneers program in April 2022, Cubbit now serves more than 170 companies, businesses and institutions, including Bologna Marconi Airport, Amadori, Bonfiglioli, CNP Vita (Unicredit Group), Granarolo, Municipality of Marcheno and SCM Group.

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