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Customized trail bike that fits in Rimowa luggage (211905) – Cool3c

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Customized trail bike that fits in Rimowa luggage (211905) – Cool3c

Firefly Launches Titanium MiniVelo Bike Designed to Fit in Rimowa Luggage

For cyclists looking for a convenient way to ride and travel, the new Titanium MiniVelo bike from Firefly may be the perfect solution. This trail bike features a titanium frame and front fork, and can be cleverly divided into two halves for easy storage in a standard Rimowa luggage.

The bike is designed to be easily disassembled, with a plug-and-play device that allows the front and rear to be separated quickly. This compact design makes it a perfect travel companion for those looking to explore new places on two wheels.

While the exact price of the Titanium MiniVelo bike has not been released, it is clear that this innovative design is not your average budget-friendly option. For cyclists who value convenience and portability, this new offering from Firefly may be worth the investment.

For more information on the Titanium MiniVelo bike and its compatibility with Rimowa luggage, visit Firefly’s website. Traveling with a bicycle has never been easier thanks to this innovative and customizable design.

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