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CX improves with artificial intelligence

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CX improves with artificial intelligence

On February 27th in Milan, Zendesk organized a meeting with customers on the occasion of the CX Trends Weeka traveling event on artificial intelligence, scheduled for the last week of February in Italy, Spain and France. During this meeting, the company held in-person and live streaming sessions, enriched by the presentation of the Italian results of the global report CX Trends 2024now in its sixth edition.

At the event in Milan, the people from Zendesk Carlo ValentiniMarketing Manager, e Paola GiorgiDirector, Customer Success, moderated and presented Luigi Enrico TomasiniDirector Process Innovation Compliance ESG and Vertical Solutions of Namirial, and the three people from PagoPA Stefano MaugeriAssistance and Operations Manager, Giacomo MultariPrivacy Engineer, Giovanna PellarinUX e CRO Specialist.

Carlo Valentini, Marketing Manager Zendesk

She was also a guest Camilla Fabozzi, Program Manager of International Rescue Committee, a non-governmental organization that helps people affected by conflicts and disasters survive and rebuild their lives in more than 50 countries around the world. Thanks to Zendesk technology, IRC also offers a multilingual digital information service that provides useful information on documents, rights, procedures and services.

Paola Giorgi, Director, Customer Success Zendesk

In the end, Sergio GalvanSolutions Consultant at Zendesk, conducted a demo with a chatbot governed by generative AI, to demonstrate how artificial intelligence can help create a unique experience and fruitful collaboration between AI and humans.

Who is Zendesk

Zendesk’s mission is simplify the complexity of business and facilitate the creation of connections between companies and customers. This is with a view to showing businesses how to harness the power of daily interactions with customers, so as to improve their experiences. Zendesk helps companies give customer service agents and sales teams the tools they need to do their best work.

The company has over 100,000 customers, to whom it offers a complete user service solution that offers ease of use and maximum adaptability to business needs. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Zendesk Sellfor example, improves productivity, processes and pipeline visibility for sales teams.

Luigi Enrico Tomasini, Director Process Innovation Compliance ESG and Vertical Solutions di Namirial

The intelligent CX

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Zendesk introduces the concept CX (Customer Experience) intelligente, a new approach to address competitive challenges and customer requests. It is the formalization of a sudden change that we are seeing in many technological aspects, including in how users want customer service to be offered.

With intelligent CX the new AI technologies, exploiting automation and also personalization as much as possible, relying as much as possible on data analysis to continuously improve the service. L’generative artificial intelligencein fact, accelerates the creation of a more humanized path, with a friendly and interactive approach.

Companies have quickly recognized the great potential of generative AI in reshaping the customer experience. Both companies and consumers view this technology not as a depersonalizing force, but as a tool to make interactions more human and customizable. The chatbot (or simply bot) is probably the tool that best represents the evolution in the way businesses offer engaging customer experiences.

PagoPA, from left: Giovanna Pellarin, UX and CRO Specialist, Stefano Maugeri, Assistance and Operations Manager, Giacomo Multari, Privacy Engineer.

The trends highlighted by Zendesk’s CX Trends 2024 report

Based on the data collected with the study conducted by Zendesk, it is possible to identify various trends, divided into three areas of innovation: AI and intelligent experiences, data and secure experiences, next-generation platforms and immersive experiences.

The main trends are:

Generative AI will accelerate the creation of a more humanized CX journey, with a friendly and interactive approach. Transparency in data management and AI decision-making are now the rule and no longer the exception. Transparency in AI is crucial for 90% of Italians Companies aim to instantly adapt the user experience, prioritizing the use of real-time data Secure experiences and data are the new CX imperative. Users want personalization but are concerned about data management The future is in immersive and live experiences Voice communications are taking on a more advanced role and are increasingly used to solve the most complex issues

More specifically, 72% of companies say that generative AI is delivering every digital interaction with customers is more efficient, from search functions to voice assistants (global figure: 70%). 48% say AI is generative it will completely change the way we interact with companies in the next two years, a figure which on a global level differs from the Italian percentage and reaches 59%. Among those who have already personally experienced this technology, this rate rises significantly, reaching 75%.

Furthermore, 71% of CX managers in Italy (global figure: 70%) believe that bots allow you to create highly personalized customer journeys. Despite this, many of them are aware that their Current chatbots are not living up to their potential or customer expectations: only 20% of CX managers in Italy (global figure: 22%) consider chatbots equivalent to digital agents. Meanwhile, consumer expectations are increasingly higher: 55% of Italian consumers believe that i chatbots must have the same level of competence and quality as human agents (global figure: 68%).

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Camilla Fabozzi, Program Manager di International Rescue Committee

Namirial’s experience

Namirial was founded as an IT services company in 2000, to operate in the digital business transformation. The company provides digital trust services such as electronic signature, certified email, electronic invoicing and long-term digital archiving. Today there are more than 3 million Namirial customers, spread all over the world.

Namirial has grown a lot thanks to numerous acquisitions, as a result, people in the company found themselves managing and using different applications to process customers, customers who speak different languages. Zendesk products have enabled standardize user management, to create a homogeneous CX.

The company has developed a but in diverse lingue, capable of conversing in natural language with customers. This bot has made it possible to significantly reduce user calls to operators, because the answers given by the conversational AI are effective and exhaustive in the vast majority of cases. Indeed, in the case of the SPID service that Namirial offers, telephone calls have been eliminated and the use of emails has been drastically reduced.

Thanks to the chatbot and the Zendesk solution, the company is able to manage an ever-increasing number of users, despite the same number of employees. Automation allows the resolution of more than 90% of assistance requests, maintaining a high level of customer service quality.

Sergio Galvan, Solutions Consultant di Zendesk

PagoPA: guarantee data security

PagoPA is a public company, whose mission is to design and build the country’s digital infrastructure, to spread easy-to-use and secure digital public services. Among the products that the company has developed are theIO app and the payment platform payPA.

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With IO, PagoPA places the person at the center of the user experience. An important part of this philosophy is theuser assistancewhich thanks to the Zendesk solution is manageable even when dealing with approx half a million requests in 2023 alone. With Zendesk products, flexible and open to third-party elements, PagoPA has transformed very specialized and vertical assistance on a single product into a truly multiprodotto.

Fundamental for PagoPA is the confidentiality of user data, confidentiality guaranteed by a privacy by design approach which takes the form of consent management, purpose limitation, data minimization, and correct identification of retention times.

One of the practical applications of the privacy by design concept has been the modeling of a dashboard for assistance, a web app developed by PagoPA and hosted within the Zendesk solution. The dashboard allows you to go beyond the vertical assistance model, centralizing assistance for all products in a single function.

To guarantee a safe experience, PagoPA intervenes upstream and downstream of the assistance service. On the one hand by applying the problem prevention principle and on the other placing himself in listening to users and developers. To intervene upstream, the company maximizes the usability and accessibility of its products such as the IO app. Then the principle of self-solution of the problemthat is, ensuring that the user can find both the answer to their questions and the information they need on their own.

For PagoPA the assistance channel represents an important source for understand people’s needs and to identify the weak points of your solutions. It’s a feedback which allows us to improve the applications offered to the public. User satisfaction and comments are collected via survey and by means of judgments expressed on the service just received.

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