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Cyber ​​crimes on the rise in Italy (but fraud is decreasing…

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Cyber ​​crimes on the rise in Italy (but fraud is decreasing…

2022 saw a notable increase in cyber crimes in Italy, with an increase of 54.6%, according to the 2nd Report on Home Security by Verisure Italia and Censis. At the same time, after years of continuous growth, the report records a decrease of 7.1%. online fraud and scams. Which however remains high: in the last decade the increase has reached +94.8%. With 273,872 frauds and 34,121 online crimes, the web brings with it many dangers: we must learn to defend ourselves.

Cyber ​​crimes on the rise in Italy (but fraud is decreasing)

The report, developed with the contribution of the Criminal Analysis Service of the Ministry of the Interior, provides an analysis of the way in which Italians perceive and deal with the dangers of micro-daily life. All with a special focus on cybercrime.

Although cyber crimes increase, they do not become the first concern for Italians. The online data theft worries 15.5% of people in Italy, ranking decidedly behind the fear of suffering a home burglary (52.8%). Even the fear of aaggression (22.1%) and one car theft (16.4%) arrive first.

The recent European Data Protection Day, which is celebrated every 28 January, and the World Online Security Day promoted by the European Commission on 6 February help raise awareness of these risks.

Verisure delved into concerns about the online security through further market research in collaboration with the Sondea Institute. It emerges that 20.5% of Italians fear suffering from one online scam. 18% have already had this experience directly. And a further 17% experienced it indirectly, through family members or acquaintances affected by this phenomenon.

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Physical and online security

Interestingly, the possibility of being scammed online worries them the most men (26.49%) compared to donne (14.64%). The over 55 (22.3%) compared to younger (18%). The report also highlights the general decline in security perceived by over 83% of Italians in recent years, attributing 20.26% of this perception to the spread of social network.

As a response to these concerns, Italians are strengthening their security measures. Over 67% declare that they always activate the alarm system when they are not at home. Furthermore, 65% choose not to store valuable items at home to protect themselves from possible theft.

Find further security measures on the Verisure website.

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