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Cyber ​​Security | Hackers Leaked “GTA6” Content FBI Cha Ying 16-year-old boy-Sky Post-Current Events-News

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Cyber ​​Security | Hackers Leaked “GTA6” Content FBI Cha Ying 16-year-old boy-Sky Post-Current Events-News

The classic video game “Grand Theft Auto 5” (GTA5) has been on the market for nearly 10 years since its launch in 2013. While many players are waiting for the sequel “GTA6”, related videos and code related to the early development stage of the game program. It has been circulating online since last week. The game company Rockstar issued a statement revealing that it confirmed that it was hacked to steal the early development content of “GTA6”, and it has asked the relevant media to delete the outgoing videos and photos, while emphasizing that it will not affect the progress of game development.

He stole data from Microsoft and other big companies to extort money

There are reports that the FBI in the United States has intervened in the investigation and suspects that it was a 16-year-old British boy and his gang. Important information of Samsung, Cisco, Microsoft, Huida and other big companies, and then extorted money. It was reported that the 16-year-old had confessed to hacking Rockstar on a messaging app and showed evidence, but the chats were later deleted.

Japan Switch|Fumio Kishida “Funfeng” will relax the entry materials next month and restart the restrictions on the number of people withdrawing from visa-free free travel. For details, see[next page]

Written by: Wu Haonan
Responsible editor: Liang Xianting

  • New Coronary Pneumonia|Taiwan eases entry quarantine in stages from next month on the 13th “0+7” exempt from home isolation
  • Fighting the big tiger | Former Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua sentenced to suspended death sentence
  • New Coronary Pneumonia|The public hospital expects to resume nearly 80% of normal services within a few days Lu Chongmao: Any plan to return to normal will consider the need to ensure that there is no rebound in winter
  • WHO report | Non-communicable diseases kill 41 million people a year, accounting for 74% of global deaths
  • MIRROR concert accident 丨 Li Qiyan’s father and the dancers met and hugged and haggard So Ching appeared skinny and skinny
  • Restaurant closed | Bakery Crostini suddenly closed, customs detains 55-year-old male director Huang Guanghui
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  • Price.com.hk “Smart Consumer Choice 2021” ASUS Creates a New Life of Electronic Technology
  • Users share the suffering of women, pharmacists recommend real clinical evidence, say goodbye to frequent, urgent, and infiltration in 2 weeks
  • [Huasheng Securities Lucky Draw]Open an account and get a $500 cash coupon to participate in the big draw and win another 500,000 rich prizes
  • When the season turns to the peak of nasal sensitivity, pay attention to the various side effects of drugs
  • Before vaccination, you may wish to understand the mechanism of virus antibodies
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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis with Half-Life Balanced Mood Outcomes All Treatments

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