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Cybercrime, more information security training

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Cybercrime, more information security training

Attacks grow by 169% and cybercrime is on the rise. For this reason, Aulab launches IT security training aimed at developers. Data from the latest Clusit Report on ICT security in Italy show that in 2022 cyberattacks in Italy increased by 168.6% compared to 2021. A significantly higher figure than the global average (21.5%). For this Aulab presents the new Corso Hackademy Cybersecurity DevSecOps Expertfor the training of computer security expert programmers.

Cybercrime is always on the attack

Giancarlo Valente, CTO and Founder of Aulab
Aulab’s goal is to disseminate the skills suitable for responding to the demands of a constantly evolving job market. Anticipating the trends of new technological professions with a training offer for all levels, from beginners to experts. Cybersecurity is one priority for companies. This is why we offer the new training course dedicated to developers who want to position themselves on the international market by becoming DevSecOps Experts. Companies all over the world, from big companies to SMEs, are increasingly attentive to the protection of their IT security.

An essential point for the security of the entire corporate ecosystem

Becoming an expert in DevSecOps means adopting a new professional approach. Paying particular attention to cyber security at every stage of the software development process. Also by encouraging collaboration between operations teams to create efficient and secure technologies for companies. This course is a further concrete step towards building one community increasingly solid and engaged for Aulab alumni. A place to train and continue to grow, together”.

La professione del Cybersecurity DevSecOps Expert

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A figure already in great demand by large companies in the United States and in the Anglo-Saxon world, the DevSecOps Expert combines high technical skills in programming with specific training on IT security. So that the security level of the product can already be optimized in the development phase. The DevSecOps Expert is trained to be able to recognize and prevent various types of cybercrime.

Attacking cybercrime requires more cybersecurity training

In addition to integrating cyber security aspects from the beginning of the software development process. The profession is therefore starting to become a position crucial for each company. Among the areas most affected by cybercrime, for example, the government sector stands out (20% of the total number of attacks), manufacturing (19%) and the so-called multiple targets (11%).

Cybersecurity: why it matters to businesses

The presence of a Cyber ​​Security Expert does not only translate into greater security, but also into concrete savings. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022, every single data stolen costs Italian companies an average of 143 euros, for an average total damage of 3.4 million dollars. For Italian companies without any IT protection measures, the cost of a data breach can reach 4.86 million euros.

Attacking cybercrime requires more cybersecurity training

A figure that is halved if the same companies have instead included effective cybersecurity strategies in their spending strategy: 2.16 million euros. In terms of top threats, globally, compromised credentials continue to be the most common cause of breaches (19%), while phishing is the second (16%) and most costly cause, averaging 4.91 million dollars of breach costs.

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How to enroll in the Aulab Cybersecurity DevSecOps Expert course

The new Aulab Hackademy course is aimed at all professional web developers who want to develop new highly qualified skills. And also to present itself to the Italian and international market in the cybersecurity sector. For beginners who want to embark on a path as a web developer, Aulab offers the complete training path. Thanks to the Hackademy for Full Stack Developer courses that start from the basics.

The new training course begins

The Cybersecurity DevSecOps Expert course will start on June 19, 2023 and will last 12 weeks in modality blended, with frontal lessons and online practical exercises. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive an Accredible Attestation certified in blockchain and achievements on Secure Flag. At the end of the training, the professionals will finally be able to activate a path of accompaniment to work.

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