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Dali Company (11) Moving Postscript – Lao Na (@gouweili)

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Dali Company (11) Moving Postscript – Lao Na (@gouweili)

Today, let’s talk about moving.

I tried to slowly fill in what I didn’t say last time.

It’s not guaranteed to be funny, but it’s guaranteed to be below sea level.

As we all know, after moving the old house, there is still a very important procedure to do, which is to hand over the house.

When handing over the house, at least the following must be done:

1. Empty the house.

2. Pay the fee.

3. Contact the landlord to confirm the condition of the house.

Let’s do the same.

The first is to clear the house, that is, to clear all the original furniture, additional wiring, and privately added decorations. Therefore, it needs garbage removal fee, line removal fee and decoration removal fee.

Of course, the director of the Dali company didn’t want to pay for that. So they wanted to put the office OA furniture for 180 pings of the certificate into the place of 80 pings of the certificate.

Yes, all. When Duan Zhengchun used his rich knowledge of physics, he proposed a law: space is like a wormhole, just squeeze it and there will be.

Of course, everyone thought that what he meant was that when the employees squeezed in, the space would be freed up. It’s stupid, but it fits the company culture.

Never thought that what he wanted to squeeze was actually the furniture left by the old tenants and the old furniture upstairs…

They left 12 desks and two conference tables! Is that a space that can be squeezed out? Brain holes and black holes are two different technology trees, okay? Where are we moving to? Overlapping universes!

We all know that the general manager likes to use one employee as two, but there is no need to have two desks to be two!

Fortunately, after he moved the desk down, he found that the barrier of physics is not so easy to break. It is his ignorant fantasy that is easy to break. There are 25 desks and a place of 80 pings.

At this time, his first thought was, should I use the old tenant’s thin and cheap combination wooden desk to stay, and abandon the original high-end desk with iron cabinet drawers?

At this time, the old man had only one thought in his mind:

I know Cancer is nostalgic, but I didn’t expect you to read old things instead of old feelings! If you don’t keep the desk that you have had a relationship with for 30 years, why do you keep those rubbish things that the tenants plan to throw away?

Fortunately, in the end, the second nature of Cancer brought back his sanity.

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Yes, you are very smart. It is to keep money. As soon as he thought that his desk was worth twice as much as the junk downstairs, he threw away the junk (desks) that he had asked old tenants to leave behind.

But the old tenant’s conference table remained.

People can’t help but wonder, is he a chair fine? Why do you have a soft spot for the table? The leather on the right side of the missing glass of the old conference table is still torn! Can you let him go in peace?

In the end, it was not An Xinya, but our well-established chairman’s desk. A purchase price of more than 30,000 yuan. The table is in good condition, has been used less frequently, and has been tested by Apple’s original factory.

Sorry, I made a mistake, it was checked by the movers that the screws are functioning normally and there is no defect.

Because they were demolished into the resource recycling yard. The recycling price is 0 yuan, and the recycling freight is 7500 yuan. The chairman has since replaced his desk with a missing conference table.

Therefore, the chairman has still not worked on that desk, sticking to the Kaohsiung branch, and refusing to come to the Taipei head office.

Finally, the dust of the desk replacement was settled, but the next question came right after. It’s the bookcase. It is well known that in order to pretend that he has a wealth of knowledge, every senior executive likes to fill his office with a few cabinets of books that he has never read, understood or read.

Dali company is naturally not exempt.

When you’re dealing with these bookcases, it’s like encountering a fairy tale of the Goddess of the Lake. I just threw a cabinet into the resource recycling car, as if a voice came from the car:

What you just lost was this personnel management bookcase? Or a bookcase for financial management?

Then he replied: No, I don’t want to lose any bookcases!

Then the goddess of resource recycling said: Very good, you are so honest, I will return the two cabinets to you now, and give you an extra cabinet of chicken soup for the soul.

Yes, when I came back there was really an extra cabinet.

Because the cabinet of personnel management fell apart.

It was rescued by movers who assembled it with violence. The heart, ah, bah, there are many iron brackets on the shelf to support it.

After the bookcase was resolved, it was the conference table incident that I introduced to you last time. I won’t go into details here. Please refer to the old work Dali Company (10) Moving.

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What I’m talking about here is the follow-up to the conference table.

After our big boss, the chairman of the founding company, entered his office with a conference table at Hogwarts, the big boss said lightly to the general manager, “Old Duan, this new office is well designed.

Duan Zhengchun said: No, I did it myself.

The big boss went on to say: This office can be described as a sparrow, although it is small, it has all the internal organs.

Duan Zhengchun said: Yes, if you want a bookcase with a bookcase, if you want a conference table with a conference table, you need to go through the back door from you.

He said: I mean, there are so many things in this space that it feels oppressive.

After he finished speaking, he turned on his phone and started playing Go.

Lao Na OS: Boss, aren’t you from Nagoya? Why does Kyoto speak so eloquently? If you think the decorations are too crowded, can you still talk about it like this!

Then Duan Zhengchun said with a dull face: “Old man! Can you read the air, come and tear down the conference table!

I said: Will you read the scene? The boss is still there, can I tear it down in front of him!

The scene was embarrassing for a while.

The big boss had no choice but to come out to ease the atmosphere: Guan Qi is a real gentleman.

Duan Zhengchun immediately continued: There is no return from the start.

The big boss said: Are you putting this aside to play couplets with me? I’m asking if you can go out first?

Lao Na OS: Boss, you really have full marks in Kyoto dialect!

Then we all went out, and the next day, the conference table disintegrated and left the boss’s office.

But it appears on the balcony, wrapped in a canvas.

Duan Zhengchun also hoped that the table would be reborn from the ashes.

Lao Na didn’t know whether he was bathing in the fire or not, but the insects and ants in the bathing water definitely didn’t run away.

Rebirth is hopeless.

The second is the settlement of expenses.

It is much simpler to settle the expenses, and it can probably be done with a couplet.

Electricity and water bills, telephone bills, no need to pay.

The final payment for the goods is the engineering payment, and I always want to delay the payment.

Horizontal batch: there is no delinquency.

I believe everyone should understand it. It is not only a dwarf who will always pay his dept, but also Dali Company. After all, Dali is not a place outside the law, and it is also governed by the negotiable instrument law, company law and civil law.

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But there is a saying that the gentleman pays, and it is not too late for ten years, and Dali pays, and then transfers it every other month.

Until the landlord said, your deposit…

Then Duan Zhixing, the director of Lao Na, said, we will settle the settlement tomorrow.

So Lao Na had to go directly to the water and electricity company to pay the bills on the same day. In order to avoid parking fees, the company kindly assigned a partner to pay for me.

I’m just wondering, doesn’t the hourly salary of an employee exceed the parking fee?

And when the colleague only took the documents and got on the bus, the old man was even more puzzled.

I said, “Didn’t the accountant give you money?”

He said, “What money?”

I said, “The money to pay.”

He said, “No. It’s only a few thousand dollars. They asked me to pay for it first. It will be remitted to me next month along with my salary.”

I said, “You know that our company costs 20,000 yuan a month for electricity bills alone, right? Electric bills are paid together in two months.”

He said, “…Can I swipe my card to install it?”

Then finally came to the third item, contact the landlord to see the house. That is, on the afternoon of the payment, I heard Duan Zhixing say to the landlord’s representative, “We have all emptied. Except for the original decoration.”

He said, “That…”

Duan Zhixing: “Except for the decoration we added later.”

He said, “That…”

Duan Zhixing: “Don’t worry, listen to me, this decoration is very practical. And haven’t you found a new tenant yet?”

“It really isn’t,” he said.

Duan Zhixing: “Well, look for the tenant first. If the tenant is not satisfied, then we will clean him up again. We will pay the money. If they are willing to use it, then leave it to them. Anyway, our company does not will run away.”

He said, “Well then, I’ll keep the deposit first. If the tenant is not satisfied and you’ve finished the demolition, I’ll refund you. Our house won’t run away anyway.”

Duan Zhixing: “Okay, I’ll dismantle it.”

Later, the representative’s eyes swept out of the house again.

He said, “That…”

Duan Zhixing: “Oh, that is the main unit of the separate air conditioner.”

He said, “That…”

Duan Zhixing: “Don’t worry, just listen to me.”

He said, “Leave that one, we can blow it.”

After that, it’s after the move. It is also trivial, save it for next time.

See you next time.

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