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Delivery service at Aldi: Discounter starts test run

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Delivery service at Aldi: Discounter starts test run

Grocery delivery services have also established themselves in Germany as an alternative to shopping in the market. Now the discounter Aldi also wants to get into the business.

So far, the online offer from Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd has been limited to a joint shop in Germany, where mainly promotional goods can be bought. However, after successful test runs in the UK and USA, Aldi Süd is now planning a grocery delivery service for Germany on its own.

Offer initially only available locally

As confirmed by Aldi Süd to TECHBOOK, the service is scheduled to start in a test run in June. Initially, the range of around 1,300 food items is only available to employees in the vicinity of the Aldi Süd International Services office in Mülheim. According to Aldi Süd, another test run with a “Click & Collect” offer is also planned for a later date.

Deliveries are to be made by e-vans on weekdays and at fixed time slots that customers can book in the app or on the website. According to the information, the prices for the products ordered online correspond to the prices in the shop – however, a delivery fee is added on top.

According to Business Insider Germany, the expansion of the delivery service to all residents in the Mülheim area will only take place in the fourth quarter. However, TECHBOOK has learned from Aldi Süd that “widespread implementation is not planned”. As one reason, the company cites the higher cost of delivery fees, which would make shopping more expensive for many people. In addition, the “online trade in groceries in Germany […] currently not a profitable business model”. The test run is therefore intended to find out whether implementation is even possible.

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Aldi Süd has not said to TECHBOOK whether a cooperation with Aldi Nord is planned. So far, the company has been building the entire infrastructure both abroad and in Germany on its own. It is therefore questionable whether a joint delivery service based on the model of the Aldi online shop is being considered.

Incidentally, Aldi is also testing a completely new payment system in the Netherlands. An introduction in this country is very likely in this case.

Aldi already offers a delivery service in the USA

Aldi Süd launched a grocery delivery service in the United States back in 2022. The company has more than 2,200 stores in 38 states, almost 98 percent of which deliver online orders to their customers. For the delivery service in the United States, Aldi Süd is cooperating with the online shopping specialist Instacart, which is responsible for processing orders. While the grocery range was initially only available via the Instacart site itself, there is now a completely new online presence at new.aldi.us.

In addition to milk and meat products, there are also fruit and vegetables, frozen and baked goods, drinks, household goods and much more. There is even a “German cuisine” category, which includes “Bavarian Bratwurst”, “Smoked Knackwurst”, “Braunschweiger” and “German Style Sauerkraut”.

The online presence of the Aldi delivery service in the USA could be a model for the German counterpartFoto: Screenshot new.aldi.us

In the USA, however, Aldi Süd not only delivers, but also offers a pickup option. This allows customers to place their order online and pick it up directly at the store. This service is also available in the UK as “Click & Collect” – however, Aldi Süd does not have a delivery service there.

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Do the prices increase with the Aldi delivery service?

In Germany, the products available in the test phase should cost the same online as offline. It is not yet clear whether this will change if the offer is expanded. According to Aldi’s US website, prices for delivery “may differ slightly from prices in markets in your area”. In addition, there is the mandatory delivery fee. In the US, this varies by time slot and location.

But not only that: Aldi also charges for shopping bags and can also charge a service fee. In addition, the company charges ten percent of the purchase price as a tip for the messenger. However, customers can choose a different amount – or give nothing at all.

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