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Dell laptops and workstations with built-in AI

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Dell laptops and workstations with built-in AI

The new range of laptop e mobile workstation Dell AI, designed to support businesses and productivity in the age of artificial intelligence.

PCs equipped with NPUs (Neural Processing Units) are expected to grow from around 50 million units in 2024 to more than 167 million in 2027, representing almost 60% of all PCs shipped worldwide. There NPU adds an AI acceleration engine capable of performing more AI-focused tasks, freeing up the CPU and GPU for other tasks. This improves performance, security, battery life and productivity.

Dell makes the smartest, most manageable, and most secure PCs in the world. With a new lineup of Latitude laptops and Precision mobile workstations, Dell will offer customers the industry’s broadest range of AI PCs, from entry-level to ultra-premium models, laptops and workstations. Equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors with Intel vPro, Dell PCs help you reach new levels of productivity and efficiency. Users, for example, are now able to:

• Dell Workstations: Collaborate more effectively. Combining the benefits of the NPU for offloading features such as auto-framing, background blur and eye-tracking with the power efficiency of Intel Core Ultra processors gives collaborators the ability to consume up to 38% less energy during Zoom calls.
• Create content faster. By distributing the computations required for AI across CPU, GPU and NPU resources, users can create generative AI images five times faster through Stable Diffusion.
• Work more safely in a hybrid workplace. More and more ISVs will continue to build PC AI applications. For example, Dell is working with Intel and CrowdStrike to offload on-device security features to the NPU. This enables comprehensive threat detection, helping customers quickly locate malicious sites and security vulnerabilities with reduced latency compared to cloud-based solutions.
• Stay in the flow of work. The Portfolio comes with Windows 11 and a Copilot key to make your work and workflow even easier.

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AI-powered automated services

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With leadership in proactive and predictive automation, as well as managed services, new Dell Services capabilities help customers:

Maximize PC uptime and improve productivity with new self-healing features through the ProSupport Suite for PCs. Customers who connect to Dell’s SupportAssist technology can leverage telemetry and artificial intelligence to resolve PC issues without human intervention. This allows IT to activate Dell-created scripts to independently fix blue screen errors, temperature issues and more across all PCs. Keep your PC fleet refreshed on time and on budget with Dell’s new M managed services. When customers need new AI devices, Dell provides detailed planning, forecasting and supply chain management to enable timely and targeted rollout of multi-vendor devices. Adopt and maximize investments in GenAI with Digital Employee Experience Services for Gen AI. These services provide employees with the tools and technology suited to their different roles. Main characteristics

• The new Dell Latitude portfolio includes the Latitude 7350 Detachable model, the most collaborative end-point with detachable keyboard in the world that allows the professional to work at the desk with a complete set of ports and accessories or to use the system on the move as a tablet or laptop. Compared to other detachables, this model boasts the best 8MP HDR camera for high-quality footage of the user in difficult lighting conditions. The completely new lineup includes updates to the 5000, 7000 and 9000 series, including the Latitude 7350/7450 Ultralight, the world‘s lightest 13.3″ and 14″ high-end laptops.
• The new workstation Dell Precision mobile and fixed devices meet the performance needs of power users, developers and other power users. A global leader in the workstation segment, Precision delivers the power you need to run AI workloads on PCs securely and cost-effectively. Integrated into the new Precision mobile workstations are the new NVIDIA RTX 500 and 1000 Ada Generation laptop GPUs that provide enterprise-grade AI capabilities and reliability so you can work anywhere, while the Precision 3280 Compact Form Factor (CFF) is a new compact form factor made for less demanding AI development and creative applications.
• Dell’s portfolio headphones smartest in its category includes five brand new models. The Dell Premier Wireless ANC Headset (WL7024) features AI-powered noise-canceling microphones that distinguish speech signals from background noises of both the user and their audience, adjusting the level of cancellation based on the environment where the user is located. The advanced smart sensor intelligently performs actions such as muting/unmuting the microphone or pausing/restarting playback as soon as an earcup is lifted from your head, while intuitive touch controls allow you to personalize the audio experience.

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Accelerate the circular economy

A leader in circular design, Dell addresses the entire lifecycle, using recycled metals and minerals to make devices easier to repair and recycle responsibly.

• The new Latitude models are the first PCs in the world to use recycled cobalt in their batteries.
• Inspired by Concept Luna, the Latitude 7350 Detachable is the world‘s most serviceable detachable keyboard endpoint from the display panel to simplify repairs and extend its life.
• Dell helps customers properly dispose of IT equipment with recovery and recycling services. This avoids the production of electronic waste as well as helping to keep products and materials in circulation longer

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