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Dell PowerEdge and Intel Gaudi3 enhance AI

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Dell PowerEdge and Intel Gaudi3 enhance AI

Dell PowerEdge XE9680 expands its capabilities with the accelerator Intel Gaudi3 for AI, deep learning, and HPC modeling workloads.

The introduction of the Intel Gaudi 3 AI accelerator in this line of servers marks taking it further, offering an advanced suite of features designed to meet the needs of complex, data-intensive workloads.

Dell PowerEdge XE9680 is a cutting-edge platform that integrates eight-way GPU acceleration with x86 server architecture, renowned for delivering unprecedented performance in AI-focused tasks. The integration of the Intel Gaudi3 accelerator further amplifies its capabilities, offering customers the ability to customize their systems based on specific computational needs, particularly associated with GenAI workloads.

Reliability and scalability

With an architecture designed for environments up to 35°C, Dell PowerEdge XE9680 is characterized by reliability and scalability. Intel Gaudi3 accelerators enrich the configuration possibilities, up to 32 DDR5 memory DIMM slots for increased data throughput, 16 EDSFF3 storage drives for high data storage solutions and eight PCIe Gen 5.0 slots for connectivity and bandwidth extended. Paired with dual 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors boasting up to 56 cores, the

In this way, the Dell PowerEdge XE9680 exceeds the capabilities hardware conventional, serving as a key resource for companies aiming to leverage artificial intelligence to gain insights from their data. This combination of advanced processing power and efficient air-cooled design sets a new benchmark in AI acceleration.

Workload GenAI

Intel Gaudi3 AI provides important performance capabilities for i GenAI workloads, including 64 custom, programmable tensor processor cores (TPCs) and 128GB of HBMe2 memory capacity, offering 3.7TB of bandwidth and 96MB of static random access memory (SRAM). Gaudi3’s open ecosystem is optimized through partnerships and supported by a robust template library framework. Development tools simplify the transition for existing code bases, reducing the migration to a few lines of code.

Dell PowerEdge OSFP 800GbE. These links allow direct connections to an external acceleration facility without the need for plugging NIC external in the system. This not only simplifies the infrastructure, but also optimizes costs. Additionally, Intel Gaudi3 specialized media decoders are designed for AI vision applications: they can handle extensive preprocessing tasks, thus simplifying video-to-text conversions and improving performance for enterprise AI applications.

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The collaboration between Dell and Intel, also realized in the Dell PowerEdge XE9680 with the Intel Gaudi3 accelerator, represents a turning point in the AI ​​landscape, expanding the boundaries of artificial intelligence development and establishing new standards for excellence and efficiency computational.

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