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Developers rejoice!Apple Announces Apple Vision Pro App Developer Tools

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Developers rejoice!Apple Announces Apple Vision Pro App Developer Tools

Apple announced new software tools and technologies that enable developers to create app experiences for Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s first spatial computing device. Apple Vision Pro is equipped with visionOS, the world‘s first spatial operating system, which allows users to interact with digital content in physical space using eyes, hands and voice – the most natural and intuitive input methods.

Starting today, Apple’s global developer community will be able to create new categories of spatial computing apps. Through the visionOS SDK, developers can use the unique features of Apple Vision Pro and visionOS to design a variety of new app experiences, including productivity, design, games, etc. .

Apple will open a developer lab next month to provide hands-on experience

Next month, Apple will open developer labs in Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo to provide hands-on experience, allowing developers to test apps on Apple Vision Pro hardware and get support from Apple engineers. Development teams can also request a development kit that helps them quickly build, iterate and test apps on Apple Vision Pro.

“Apple Vision Pro redefines what’s possible on a computing platform,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “Developers can start building visionOS apps using the powerful framework they already know, and take advantage of new innovative tools and tools like Reality Composer Pro.” Technology is further developed to design new experiences for users. Spatial computing uses the space around users to unlock new opportunities for our developers and enable them to imagine new ways to help users connect with each other, be productive, and Enjoy a new style of entertainment. We can’t wait to see how our developer community makes their dreams come true.”

Developers will use the familiar basic framework to create a new type of App

Apple Vision Pro features a new App Store where users can discover apps and content.

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Developers can use the basic frameworks they are already familiar with from other Apple platforms, such as powerful technologies such as Xcode, SwiftUI, RealityKit, ARKit and TestFlight, to create new experiences that use the breakthrough features of Apple Vision Pro, and make full use of the infinite canvas of Apple Vision Pro. Seamlessly integrate digital content with the physical world.

These tools allow developers to create new types of apps that bring a variety of immersive feelings, including “windows” that provide depth and 3D content; “stereoscopic” that creates experiences that can be viewed from any angle; The “space” in which the viewer is fully immersed in a boundless 3D content environment.

To help developers optimize 3D content for visionOS apps and games, Xcode provides a new tool called Reality Composer Pro that allows developers to preview and prepare 3D models, animations, images and sounds for rendering in Apple Vision Pro. beautifully presented.

Developers can also interact with their apps in the new visionOS simulator to explore and test various room layouts and lighting conditions. Each developer framework includes built-in support for Apple’s innovative accessibility features to ensure everyone can use spatial computing and visionOS apps.

Developers will be able to port Unity apps to Apple Vision Pro next month

Beginning next month, developers who use Unity’s powerful authoring tools to build 3D apps and games can port their Unity apps to Apple Vision Pro.

The visionOS SDK, updated Xcode, Simulator and Reality Composer Pro are available to Apple Developer Program members at developer.apple.com. Registered Apple developers can access a variety of resources to help design, develop and test apps for Apple Vision Pro, including a variety of technical documents, a new set of design tools, and updated visionOS human interface guidelines.

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Developers can learn more about designing new app experiences for Apple Vision Pro at developer.apple.com/visionos, or start applying for the developer kit next month.

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