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Disco Elysium expansion canceled, developer lays off 25%

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Disco Elysium expansion canceled, developer lays off 25%

ZA/UM, the developer behind the popular 2019 game Disco Elysium, has announced that they will be laying off 24 people, which is about 25% of their workforce. This decision comes after the cancellation of the standalone expansion project X7 for Disco Elysium.

In a message obtained by GLHF, ZA/UM CEO Ilmar Kompus stated, “While our management team and X7 The disciplines have worked together over the past eight months, but after consultation with our management team, I have made the difficult decision to cancel the X7. Unfortunately, this decision, unlike the pause on the P1 project, will likely result in layoffs within our studio.”

Kompus further explained, “With the cancellation of X7, we are proposing to reshape our team to support our two remaining games. This restructuring will almost certainly result in layoffs, primarily affecting the X7 team, but also our non-development teams and non-X7 projects.”

The X7 project was reportedly 1 to 2 years away from completion, while the other projects in development at ZA/UM are currently known as C4 and M0.

This news comes as a blow to both the affected employees and fans of Disco Elysium, which received critical acclaim and won multiple awards following its release. ZA/UM assured that they are committed to making the difficult transition as smooth as possible for the affected individuals.

The layoffs at ZA/UM serve as a reminder of the often uncertain and volatile nature of the video game industry, where projects and employment can be subject to sudden and unexpected changes.

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