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DKB is converting banking: users have to do it now

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DKB is converting banking: users have to do it now

The DKB adapts the view for online banking via the browser. The new website is very similar to that of the app, but brings with it a few limitations at launch.

The DKB is a direct bank; banking is therefore only possible via the browser or the app. The DKB has renewed the latter from the ground up and has been offering it alongside the old app for a few months. There is also a new view for the browser, which the bank is currently heavily promoting. If you log into online banking, you will see a message that the old version will be switched off by summer and that you should switch to the new one. Alternatively, the DKB also informs its customers by e-mail about the new browser view for online banking.

DKB completely redesigns browser banking

“Now switch to the new banking system,” says the email that TECHBOOK has received. “Your banking is taking a leap forward. Because we have redesigned your banking in the browser from scratch – more modern, more intuitive and just as secure.” And in fact, the new browser view has nothing to do with the previous online banking at the DKB. Anyone who has already tried the new app will see great parallels in the optics. Everything looks tidier, the font is larger and users can now find important settings and information in boxes with a blue background and rounded corners. The DKB emphasizes to TECHBOOK that they made a conscious decision in favor of recognizability so that customers can easily find their way around on both platforms and can find familiar elements more easily. However, a complete system modernization took place in the background.

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In the course of the redesign, the DKB made major adjustments to the side menu and reduced the entries to the essentials. Here you will only find items such as “Financial Status”, “Cards”, “Orders”, “Profile Settings” and “Feedback”.

The new browser view of the DKB also brings a changed menu. Foto: Screenshot TECHBOOK via DKB.de

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New view (still) lacks some functions

However, the renewed view in the browser still brings some restrictions, since the parallels to the new app can also be found in terms of content. Both the app (blue icon with white DKB lettering) and the new browser view are currently missing important functions. In our direct comparison, it was noticeable, for example, that the overview of incoming payments and debits from the account is now less extensive. Certain filter options for the search that were still available in the previous view are also missing, as well as the subdivision of current account and credit card. When asked, the DKB explained to us that they are currently working on the sales display and that it will be adjusted this year. Then customers can also see sales that are older than 360 days.

There is also a real lack of standing orders. They can be viewed and deleted in the new banking app and browser view of the DKB, but editing is not possible. So if you want to change the standing order after a rent increase or electricity price adjustment, for example, look into the tube. Instead, the standing order must be created again. But here, too, the DKB TECHBOOK promises a quick improvement. “The full functionality, i.e. the direct changing of standing orders, has already been completed by our developers and is available to our customers in the test flight version. A publication for all customers is planned in the next few weeks,” said a spokesman for the bank.

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The DKB does not hide the missing functions and also points them out on their website. If users are on the new browser view, they will find a note here that the focus of the new banking is initially on the central functions. “We are continuously expanding the range of functions of the new banking in order to make your daily banking even better,” says the DKB in a notice box on the start page. Another box in the “Cards” section reveals that DKB customers will soon find many more options for their banking in the new browser view.

At the start, a few functions are missing in the new browser view.  The DKB does not hide this.
At the start, a few functions are missing in the new browser view. The DKB does not hide this. Foto: Screenshot TECHBOOK via DKB.de

Until all functions are also available in the new browser view, the DKB will refer to the previous banking in cases where customers are missing a function. Users are also forwarded here if they want to access their mailbox, for example.

In principle, the previous banking is still fully available to our customers.
At the same time, we have designed the user-friendliness for customers of the new banking – via app or web banking – in such a way that they can use the previous banking (with the full range of functions) without having to log in again if there are still outstanding functions.
In this way, we ensure that our customers can continue to use the full scope of our banking, while we regularly expand the range of functions of the new products.

Statement of the DKB

The DKB cannot and does not want to say goodbye to the previous browser view for online banking. The new and old versions of the app have also been running side by side for months. But that will soon come to an end, as the bank announced in the information mail. Users should switch to the new view by summer, as the previous banking will soon no longer be supported.

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This is how switching to the new banking view works

If DKB customers want to try out the new browser view for online banking, they have to consider a few things. First, you should check whether you have stored your current cell phone number in your profile. You will find the corresponding entry in the “Service” and “Personal data” areas. In the second step, you need the current DKB app, i.e. the one with the blue icon and white logo. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app is used to confirm the login in online banking.

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