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does the fog block the Rai channels?

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does the fog block the Rai channels?

While the Italian television world is updated, for example, with news relating to Rai 4K, in some areas of Italy problems related to the reception of the digital terrestrial signal are still being encountered. More precisely, these days we are discussing fog.

In this regard, for example, an article in the Gazzettino and a SGV press release dated 12 February 2024 highlight the problem reported by many citizens, originally brought to light by TGR Veneto. Among the areas involved in a disservice linked to signal reception, we mention part of the province of Vicenza and the Jesolo area, but apparently it would also reach the province of Verona. In short, the disservice seems to be widespread in various areas of the Region.

In fact, there are quite a few who report it disservices especially in viewing Rai channelsa scenario that seems to have continued for a few weeks now at the beginning of 2024. In any case, it is not yet entirely clear, in reality, what the reasons are for the poor TV signal reception in some areas of Veneto, even if, as mentioned previously, there were fears that fog could be involved, which would create a “barrier”.

On the other hand, web users have been asking themselves this question for a long time now whether fog actually affects the digital terrestrial signal. Consider that, in a conversation on Google Groups linked to the now distant 2011, we were discussing the possible interference due to this meteorological phenomenon, even if not everyone seems to agree that this could be the cause.

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To be clear, among the various hypotheses being examined in Veneto there is also a possible issue related to new antennas for mobile data connections. In any case, still remaining in the digital terrestrial sector, you might also be interested in taking a look at our in-depth analysis relating to possible evening problems with the TV signal.

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