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“Dragon Restoration Among Men!”Ji” introduces the prologue of the story and the main characters such as Sakamoto Ryoma | NOVA Information Square

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“Dragon Restoration Among Men!”Ji” introduces the prologue of the story and the main characters such as Sakamoto Ryoma | NOVA Information Square

Seya Co., Ltd. announced that the PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and PC (Steam) dedicated game software “Renzhong Zhizhi” is expected to be released on February 22, 2023 (Wednesday). Long Weixin!”Ji” has released various content introductions, including the prologue of the story, the two story stages of “Tosa” and “Kyoto”, and living in the turbulent end of the Tokugawa period.
The main characters such as Ryoma Sakamoto.

<Story Prologue>
As a low-level samurai known as a “country warrior”,
Sakamoto Ryoma’s swordsmanship was favored, and he was specially allowed to practice swordsmanship in Edo.
After a year of training, Ryoma returned to his hometown of Tosa.
However, he saw “another side” of Tosa.
That is an unreasonable class society, and this situation has not changed since before he was born.
Ryoma, who had seen the outside world of Edo, faced this unreasonable situation with his bare hands.
However, his resistance was in vain, and Ryoma was finally imprisoned as a major criminal.
At this moment, a man appeared in front of him.
That is the most important figure of the Tosa Clan—“Participating in politics” Yoshida Toyo

Dongyang secretly helped those children who fell victim to the class system and lost their blood relatives,
Ryoma is also one of the children whom Dongyang raised as his own.
With Toyo’s efforts, Ryoma finally managed to leave the prison.
In order to discuss future policies with Toyo and his “brother” Takeshi who was raised and raised by Toyo, Ryoma,
And went to Kochi Castle.
Unexpectedly, when the three were having a heated discussion, a masked man suddenly appeared and killed Dongyang.
The government officials who arrived later believed that Ryoma was suspected of killing Toyo.
Ryoma threw them off and caught up with the man,
But the other party escaped without a trace by using a sword technique called “Heavenly Mind Flow”.

In order to find the masked man to avenge his teacher, Ryoma escaped from the government’s pursuit and left Tosa.
He hides his name and lurks in the streets of Kyoto,
He also learned from intelligence dealers that people who use the “Heavenly Thought Flow” gather in a certain organization.
That is the most powerful murderous group known as the Mibu wolf, and everyone turns pale when they hear it – the Shinsengumi.
Ryoma decides to abandon his own name and sneak in under the pseudonym “Saitoichi”.

<Stage introduction>
Japan’s leading castle town is located in Kochi Castle, which has the reputation of “Nankaido’s No. 1 Castle”. The unpretentious streets are full of life, full of people coming and going. But on the other hand, people are bound by a strict status system, fearing the high-ranking samurai known as “sergeant”, and always live in fear.
This is the land of yin and yang – Tosa, which will also have a profound impact on Ryoma’s personality.

The center of Japan is headed by the “government” where the emperor lives, and many important strongholds of the country are located here. Many ordinary people live in Kyoto, and there are various unique places.For example, “Fushimi” with post station arcade function, “Ronai” which symbolizes the downtown area of ​​Kyoto, “Rakuwai” with sparsely populated and eerie atmosphere, “Gion” where high-end restaurants and tourists gather, and dangerous places that ordinary people dare not approach easily.
The dangerous area “Skeleton Street”.
It is said that dominating this city can control Japan’s future dominance, so talents from all walks of life gather here in order to realize their ambitions.

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<Main characters>

Tosa’s “Dragon” Strives for the Goal
Tosa clan samurai
Ryoma Sakamoto (directed by Takaya Kuroda)
The lowest status of Tosa “Shoshi” origin.
Just as Hanpei Takeshi and his party were in the same situation
When young people run around to change domains,
Ryoma was distressed because he could not find his mission.
His swordsmanship is second to none in Tosa,
He was even allowed to go to Edo to practice swordsmanship.
Later, Ryoma’s swordsmanship was favored by Yoshida Toyo and Takeichi Hanpeita,
Decided to act together to reform the feudal domain.
On the night before this revolution was ready,
A certain incident broke out, which caused a great change in Ryoma’s life.

The Ryoma brothers who formed the revolutionary organization
Leader of the Tosa King Party
Hanpeita Takeichi (directed by Hideo Nakano)[NEW CAST]
Ryoma’s brother, born in the same environment as Ryoma,
Ryoma has been protecting Ryoma since he was a child.
Together with Ryoma, he was appreciated by Yoshida Toyo,
and grow with its support.
His swordsmanship rivals Ryoma, who is said to be the strongest in Tosa,
As a result, many people are attracted to join the Tosa King Party.
The deep trust relationship with Ryoma,
He even strongly invited Ryoma, who came back from Edo, to join the Tosa King Party,
Act as the “chief” only under the leader.
However, the death of foster benefactor Toyo Yoshida,
However, Longma and Wushi parted ways…

The benefactor who raised Ryoma and the most important person in Tosa
Tosa domain enters politics
Toyo Yoshida (Director: Unshō Ishizuka)
Shrewd and capable, he is known as the confidant of the Tosa clan’s main hall – the mountain content hall,
A veritable central figure in the feudal clan.
Seen as the harshest ruler in power, everyone fears.
But the real him is a man full of justice and affection,
He hates the brutal and unreasonable current governance system more than anyone else.
Over the years, Dongyang has continuously adopted a number of people who were discriminated against,
And the orphans of the lower class who lost their parents, and provide support behind them.
Everything he does is to cultivate talents who can change this feudal clan.
And Sakamoto Ryoma is one of the people he raised.
On the eve of the revolution, Dongyang was assassinated and killed.
His death will set off a turbulent wave in the lives of Ryoma and Takeshi’s two “sons”.

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False and true, the mysterious “not the director”
Shinsengumi Chief
Isami Kondo (Director: Akio Otsuka)[NEW CAST]
The “Director” at the top of the Shinsengumi,
Possess outstanding leadership skills,
The Shinsengumi, which was originally a group of outlaws, was pulled into a huge organization.
But it hardly appears in the settlement where the Shinsengumi gathers,
Even the captain-level soldiers have never seen his true face.

The ruthless “ghost deputy director”
Shinsengumi Deputy Director
Hijikata Toshizo (performer: Nakamura Shidou)
The deputy director who holds the second place in the Shinsengumi,
Kondo, who is often absent as an agent, manages various affairs.
A management system known as “team rules” has been formulated.
Violators will be punished mercilessly.
Therefore, even the captain is not allowed to resist the order of the earth side.
With a cold personality and the same No. 1 expression for thousands of years,
Let the team members call him by the nickname “Ghost Deputy Director” in private.

Mibu’s “Wolf” Who Is Mysterious
Shinsengumi 3rd Corps Commander
Hajime Saito (directed by Takaya Kuroda)
A mysterious ronin whose origin is unknown, and whose real name is not even known.
Drinking and gambling day and night,
The proprietress of the inn “Teradaya” is always complaining about his unrestrained lifestyle.
However, his true identity is Ryoma Sakamoto himself.
He hid in Kyoto incognito in order to hunt down the criminal who killed Yoshida Toyo.
Ryoma persevered in investigating for a whole year,
Find out that all the mysteries revolve around the Shinsengumi,
So single-handedly entered the Shinsengumi’s stronghold.

<Important people>
An outstanding man who commanded the Satsuma Domain
Satsuma domain army tax service
Kichinosuke Saito (directed by Masami Iwasaki)
A large, well-exercised body with blond hair.
Anyone who met him was impressed by his appearance.
Combat and bold personality,
At the same time, it has many contacts with many shogunate dignitaries and
A powerful skill in dealing with other feudal chiefs.
As for the purpose of Satsuma’s Xixiang, no one knows at present.

A well-informed mysterious figure operating undercover on the streets of Kyoto
Choshu feudal retainer
Matsusuke Niibori (directed by Koichi Yamadera)
A free-spirited, elusive man.
Claiming that Shinbori is a pseudonym,
Only a handful of people know his true identity.
It seems that they have opened stores in several places in Kyoto as activity bases,
And handed over to his own woman to run,
But no one knows if it’s true or not.

The signature clerk of the large inn “Teradaya”
Along (Directed by Manami Sugihira)
A beautiful waitress who lives in Ryoma Settlement,
At the same time, he also works in “Teradaya”, one of the few crew hotels in Kyoto.
The demeanor is dignified, exuding a healthy beauty.
As a signature clerk of Teradaya, some customers even become regular customers just to kiss Yoshizawa.
Aaron knew nothing about Ryoma lurking in Kyoto to avenge his teacher.
To her, Ryoma was nothing more than a troublesome guest who was always owed accommodation fees, but…
When Ryoma joined the Shinsengumi, Aaron spoke her truth.
She who hates and hates killing, what is her real thought?

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The “Last General” Who Facing the Greatest Trial Alone
Fifteenth Great Shogun of the Edo Shogunate
Yoshinobu Tokugawa (directed by Satoshi Tokushige)
During the 300-year history of the Tokugawa Shogunate,
Yoshiki Tokugawa took the initiative in the most difficult situation.
At a young age, his wisdom and courage are among the best among the leaders of all dynasties.
He is also the only general who is aware of his “mission” for the country.
Ryoma, who left Tosa and left the domain to live in seclusion,
And Qingxi at the top of the country…
The two men are in opposite positions here and there.
What kind of sparks will be created when the two meet…?

The expert who leads the “Second Force”
Kyoto Miseki-gumi
Tadazaburo Sasaki (directed by Rintaro Nishi)
As an existence in opposition to the Shinsengumi,
The title of “Kyoto See Hui Group” caused a sensation all over Kyoto.
It is different from the Shinsengumi who don’t care about their wealth, as long as they are strong enough, they will always come.
The Jianhui group is composed only of samurai subordinates to the general, and it can be called a famous family.
Both organizations shoulder the same mission – to protect Kyoto.
On the surface, the two parties are in a cooperative relationship.
Under the table, they fought fiercely for the hegemony of Kyoto.
Whenever there is a chance,
Sasaki will lead the Migui group to appear in front of the Shinsengumi and hinder their actions.

Infiltrate the shogunate
shogunate warship
Katsurin Taro (Director: Kosuke Toriumi)[NEW CAST]
With the threat of foreign powers looming,
Responsible for coordinating the defense core – the shogunate navy.
Now one of the important figures supporting the shogunate,
However, it is said that he had private contact with Yoshinosuke Saigo of the Satsuma Domain,
And has a close relationship with the United Kingdom.
Behaving suspiciously,
Such as introducing the mysterious weapons dealer “Sakamoto Ryoma” and so on.
For other characters and detailed information, please click here: https://ryu-ga-gotoku.com/Ishin_kiwami/cht/#cast

【 Product information 】
Product Name: Dragon Restoration Among Men!pole
gaming platform :
PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4 / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One /
Windows / Steam
※Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows and Steam platforms only sell digital regular edition and digital deluxe edition.
Release Date: Scheduled to be released on February 22, 2023 (Wednesday)
price :
Regular Edition: 1,590 TWD in Taiwan / 408 HKD in Hong Kong
Digital Deluxe Edition: Taiwan 1,890 TWD/Hong Kong 488 HKD
Game Category: Action Adventure
Number of players: 1 person
Sales: Seya Co., Ltd.
Game Rating: Restricted
Copyright mark: ©SEGA
Official site: https://ryu-ga-gotoku.com/Ishin_kiwami/cht/
※The images are all screens of the PlayStation®5 version under development.
■ The company names and product names described in this document are the registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.

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