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Dreame D9 Max buy cheap from 165€ (03/2023)

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Dreame D9 Max buy cheap from 165€ (03/2023)

If you were already satisfied with the Dreame D9 predecessor model, but still need more suction power, we recommend the Dreame D9 Max. In the test, its suction power was absolutely convincing. A nice overall package, with a small flaw, the missing flap on the dust container. However, it does not replace the “correct” wiping.

New best price! At Banggood.com you can get the powerful vacuum robot right now, thanks to a voucher and delivery in one eu-lager for only 165,41 €.

The new Dreame D9 Max with laser navigation and up to 4000 Pa suction power is available from a price of 165,41€ on De.banggood.com.

Technical details in comparison

Dreame D9 Max

Dream Bot D9

navigation technology

LDS laser room measurement

LDS laser room measurement

maximum suction power

4000 Pa

3000 Pa

product height

9,6 cm

9,6 cm

battery / running time

5200 mAh / 150 min

5200 mAh / 150 min

loading time

6 h

5 h

dust chamber / water tank

570 ml/ 270 ml

570 ml / 270 ml

Cross obstacles up

2 cm

2 cm

noise level

55 dB (depending on suction level)

50-65 dB (depending on suction level)


  • Mapping with map storage of three floors
  • selective room division
  • No-Go-Zonen und Zoned Cleanup
  • Wiping function with non-wiping zones and electric water tank
  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa
  • carpet detection (also with wiping function)
  • Mapping with map storage of three floors
  • selective room division
  • No-Go-Zonen und Zoned Cleanup
  • Wiping function with non-wiping zones and electric water tank
  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa
  • Carpet detection (increases suction power)

Even more power with the Dreame D9Max!

Even more power than its predecessor! In which Dream D9 Max the manufacturer goes a step further to take 1000 Pa to be exact. Thus, the vacuum robot comes to believe it or not 4000 Pa. That can definitely be seen. But I’ll test later whether that really makes a difference.

So far, nothing has changed in terms of the dimensions and volume of the dust collector and water tank. The battery also stays with his 5200 mAh. According to the manufacturer, the battery should last just as long despite the higher suction power. I’m going to assume that by the slightest suction power is assumed, which would then in turn be realistic. That’s enough for 200 m² loose or. for about. 150 min running time.

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Dreame Bot D9 Max vacuum cleaner on the carpet

Intelligent laser room measurement and app use

Here, too, he sets D9 Max on a 360° laser room measurement for intelligent navigation through the house to create a modifiable map of the house or apartment from the first use. You can do up to 3 cards or floors save in the vacuum robot. As usual with an intelligent LDS laser navigation, the cleaning methodically and not chaotically from wall to wall.

Dreame Bot D9 Max app view first measurement

(The first wild ride)

Use via Xiaomi Home App

As is usual with Dreame, the „Xiaomi Home„ App since Dreame belongs to the Xiaomi universe. In the picture above you can clearly see that the first measurement worked well and was quite structured. In one or two places, however, it drove against the corner or a wall with a little more momentum when measuring, which the vacuum robot was able to absorb well.

After the little cleaner has done his first round, you have the opportunity to give the different rooms individual names and these in to divide areas. This enables and facilitates later, for example, the classification according to which order the vacuum robot should clean the rooms. Basically, you can make a variety of settings again: to what time, on what days and what areas the Dreame D9 Max should clean. I did it on my machine at home too. A very useful function.

Dreame Bot D9 Max app timing setting

Cleaning zones and restricted areas

It’s also possible again Sons set as shown in the picture below. For example, the purple 💜 zone, a “wipe-free zone”, red 🎈 means “forbidden zone” , but “virtual walls” are also retractable. The whole thing is a bit fiddly, but very helpful if you want to narrow down the child’s play areas 🧒🏼 or the feeding places of your animals 🐈🐕‍🦺. So you don’t always have to clean it up, it simply drives around it.

Dreame Bot D9 Max App Setting different zones

(set up different zones)

carpet detection

You still have them in the app itself various possibilities several functions set. Be it performance boostif you cleaning carpets wanted (by the way, it recognizes that automatically) or that Nasswischen. The Dreame D9 Max also pauses its task when the battery level is insufficient and then recharges itself until the battery is sufficient for the planned task.

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Dreame Bot D9 Max App General SettingsDreame Bot D9 Max app setting

In the setting itself you can also see yours, for example cleaning processf or can you amount of water flow set. Alternatively, you can simply take the Remote control, like with a toy car 🚗, through your apartment. For all those who miss their little, beloved speedster or just have fun with it. 🤣

Test reports / experiences / opinions

the first Furnishings is really easy and through that enclosed manual very understandable. Is the Dreame Bot 9 Max once connected and found in the app, you can start right away with the first ride through your sanctuary 🏡.

Of course, we tested it in our office and, as expected, it worked really well right away. No tangle or chaos, just traversed the outlines and then the rest of the space.

IMG 20210913 122133

Easy to use app

The app itself is easy to use. Everything is easily understandable and adjustable and only the zone setting is something fiddly, but you don’t usually do it that often. I think that’s really important these days, because it feels like there are now thousands of apps on your cell phone, so they have to be easy to use. This is definitely practical. Personally, I have also set zones and times at home for when my Roby should drive ⌚. And I can easily understand that when I’m on the go and change it if necessary.

Dreame Bot D9 Max Test drive

Good carpet detection and high suction power

I also put a bath runner in our office because our office carpet is simply too flat for them carpet detection to test. What can I say? It worked great and you hear directly the differencethat he more power uses than on the hard floor. You just have to make sure that the rug is a little heavier, because the bathroom rug was just too light and he pulled it along accordingly. Not all that wild, since most of them don’t have bath rugs in the living room. 😁

Our office isn’t too dirty now, since we walk around here with slippers 👣, but after I opened the dust container, I was amazed at how much fluff and dirt it picked up. So he can suck 🤗 and also gets along well under the cabinets.

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Dreame Bot D9 Max sucks under the closet

Defects in the dust container

What bothers me a little is that there is no closing flap on the opening of the dust container. If you take out the dust container, you have to be careful that everything doesn’t fall out through the opening. Then the sucking was for naught.

Dreame Bot D9 Max Inside View Dust Bin

Easy cleaning of the accessories

Otherwise he has one Silicone brushwhich ensures little tangling with longer hair, for example, and in my opinion easy to clean is. In the case itself is also a small tool what you the to facilitate cleaning, but long hair should have wrapped up. It is recommended to clean the brush and the HEPA filter at least once a week anyway, otherwise you will not have much fun with the device. For example, I clean our filters twice a week, but we also have a lot of pets.

Dreame Bot D9 Max bottom view with brushes

(You can see the brush here, as well as the fall sensors)

A brush will also suffice

Personally, I prefer the vacuum cleaner robots with two small brushes in front. I just find that better, but the test shows that a brush is completely sufficient.

Dreame Bot D9 Max mop pad peeled off

(The water tank with the mop pad)

Simple wet wipe function

I have not tested the wiping itself on the model, since the wiping function does not differ from that of the Dreame D9. Here there is only an electronic pump controller to configure the water flow ratebut in the end it is just a damp wipe without contact pressure or “vibrating function”


Sooooooooooooooo mit O. I am satisfied with the Dreame Bot D9 Max. The suction power is convincing, the app is easy to understand and the noise level during operation is acceptable. Of course he doesn’t whisper. 😂 The missing flap on the dust collector bothers me a bit. The wiping, well, you can do it, but you don’t have to. It just doesn’t replace normal wiping.

Do comment if you have any questions or just your opinion if you bought the model and tested it yourself.

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