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Dyson offer: Save up to 300 euros on vacuum cleaners and more

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Dyson offer: Save up to 300 euros on vacuum cleaners and more

Dyson is currently offering huge discounts on many of its products. PR/Business Insider

Dyson is known for high-quality products in the higher price segment. The manufacturer is currently running a “spring cleaning campaign” where you can get many things much cheaper. As part of the campaign, you can get a discount of up to 300 euros on selected products – including popular vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. We’ll show you our favorite offers here. Among them: the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute*. You can find all other deals directly on the Dyson promotion page*.

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No matter whether Airwrap, cordless vacuum cleaner or air purifier: Dyson products are known for their Excellent quality and longevity. The premium brand also impresses with maximum functionality, which it cleverly combines with attractive designs. So it’s no wonder that the products also have their price. If you have one or two Dyson products on your wish list, it’s worth stopping by the retailer now. The reason: In the big “spring cleaning sale” you can find vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and more Dyson currently on sale.

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Save up to 300 euros with Dyson’s spring offer

Dyson is currently hosting one Sale on selected products. You can currently get technical devices for the household, but also fans and more as part of the campaign up to 300.00 euros cheaper to back up. We’ll show you our favorite deals here, you can see all other Dyson offers directly on the promotions page.*

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The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner scores with one Variety of practical functions. For example, it has a floor nozzle that makes the finest dust particles visible and effectively sucks them up. The vacuum cleaner also comes with a LCD-Display equipped that provides real-time information about cleaning performance.

This device is air cleaner and Ventilator in one. Its HEPA filter filters out up to 99.95 percent of the smallest particles from the air – this includes Pollen, bacteria and other allergens. The Dyson Purifier uses an automatic sensor to check the air quality and adjusts the filter intensity accordingly. In addition, he has a powerful fan with individually adjustable speed levels and a swivel function for an even distribution of the cleaned air in the room.

The Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ is an autonomous one Robot vacuum cleanerwhich comes with an innovative Camera system Is provided. This allows it to scan the room so it can move efficiently while cleaning thoroughly. His Suction power according to the manufacturer is up to six times higher than that of conventional vacuum robots. You can get it via a special App control, set schedules and adjust cleaning modes.

This cordless vacuum cleaner offers high suction power and cleans different floor coverings efficient. An LCD display gives you real-time information about the battery life and the current performance of the vacuum cleaner. In addition, you will receive this various attachments and accessorieswhich you can also use to clean upholstery or hard-to-reach areas.

This air purifier was specifically designed to Formaldehyde and other harmful gases to filter out the air – and that almost silent. It also has an activated carbon filter that effectively absorbs gases and odors. This makes it suitable for use in the kitchen, for example. In summer it also scores points with a light, cooling airflow.

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