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E-bike Eleglide C1 in the test: Strong mid-motor and long range for €1200

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E-bike Eleglide C1 in the test: Strong mid-motor and long range for €1200

Eleglide focuses on modern, well-equipped bikes at attractive prices. The Eleglide C1 is said to be the perfect choice for beginners and commuters. This test report will show whether this works.

The Eleglide C1 and the C1 ST (low entry level) cost 1250 euros at Geekmaxi. With the discount code AGY476XS the price drops to 1200 euros. We didn’t find anything cheaper in our research.

Highlights des Eleglide C1

elegant design with high-quality optics, powerful mid-engine with 70 Nm torque, good suspension and hydraulic disc brakes, 522 Wh battery with a long range, legally compliant 25 km/h support, flexible ergonomics

Structure, optics & workmanship

The construction of the Eleglide C1 is very simple. Only the front wheel, handlebars, front light and pedals need to be assembled – no problem with the included tools. In total we need 45 minutes.

Visually, the e-bike leaves a chic impression. The elegant, slim frame in metallic blue looks high-quality and elegant. Only the white and red sticker on the top tube disrupts the otherwise harmonious overall picture. To make matters worse, this is also painted and cannot be easily removed. Overall, the workmanship is solid, even if Eleglide mainly uses inexpensive components. The welds on the aluminum frame are clean but clearly visible. The electrical components have an IPX5 waterproof certification.

With a weight of 25.5 kg, the C1 is not a lightweight, but it is easy to handle thanks to the mid-drive. It offers a maximum payload of 120 kg – enough for most riders and luggage.

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Links & Display

The handlebars of the Eleglide C1 are 68 cm wide and can be adjusted in height for a comfortable, upright sitting position. The handles are ergonomically designed and very comfortable.

The 1.8-inch LCD display is located on the left of the handlebar and shows not only the current speed but also the battery level and the kilometers driven. The support level can be selected between 12, 15, 18, 21 and 25 km/h using three buttons. In the submenu (long press of Plus and Minus) there is also the option to increase the maximum speed to 32 km/h – however this function does not seem to work, the engine still switches off at 25 km/h as required by law.

The front light is sufficiently bright, variable in height and throws a focused light forward. This way it doesn’t disturb oncoming traffic. The rear light is powered separately by batteries and must be turned on and off manually.

Eleglide C1 Pictures

Template – photo series


The quiet Ananda mid-engine of the Eleglide C1 is really powerful with a rated power of 250 watts, a peak power of 432 watts and a maximum torque of 70 Nm. This has a positive effect when driving off, for example on a mountain. The decent torque sensor ensures direct and natural driving behavior – although not quite as perfect as with even more expensive e-bikes, for example with a Bosch mid-engine.

Tektro’s hydraulic disc brakes grip precisely and reliably. They only needed minimal readjustment before the first test drive. The suspension fork with 100 mm travel also does a good job. It can also be locked for better propulsion on asphalt.

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With CST’s 27.5-inch tires, the Eleglide C1 rolled safely and stably on both asphalt and light off-road terrain. Only the highest gear of the Shimano 7-speed gears is a little too small. From a speed of 25 km/h you are already pedaling so fast that you miss an eighth or ninth gear.

battery pack

According to the manufacturer, the battery of the Eleglide C1 with a capacity of 522 Wh should enable a range of up to 150 km. However, Eleglide measured this under unrealistic ideal conditions. In the test we covered around 60 km with a payload of 85 kg, an average speed of 25 km/h and a slightly hilly route. That’s a very decent value for an e-bike in this price range. After unlocking, the battery can be removed from the frame with a key and charged in about 7.5 hours.


The Eleglide C1 regularly costs 1250 euros at Geekmaxi. The low-entry version C1 ST is also available there for the same price. With the discount code AGY476XS The price drops to 1200 euros – a very attractive price for an e-bike with this equipment. We didn’t find anything cheaper in our research.


The Eleglide C1 is a really good e-bike for use in the city and in the country. The powerful Ananda mid-engine, the good suspension, the hydraulic Tektro brakes and the large 522 Wh battery make it a reliable everyday companion. It also impresses with a harmonious, high-quality design – and for under 1200 euros. If you are looking for a well-equipped, legal city e-bike, the Eleglide C1 is a good choice.

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As part of this article, we tested the e-bike in various scenarios such as paved bike paths, gravel field paths and steep climbs. In this way, we cannot detect long-term problems that may arise after months or years of everyday use. If we find any errors after our test report has been published or if something is pointed out by our readers, we will report it.

If you buy from a Chinese dealer, you will often pay less. However, there is a risk of poorer service in the event of a warranty or guarantee. In addition, claiming consumer rights (return, warranty) is subject to hurdles or is not possible. We link retailers here with whom we have generally had good experiences.

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