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E-car drivers look into the tube

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E-car drivers look into the tube

Anyone who already owns an e-car knows the problem: Plug&Charge is far from standard, and the chaos of tariffs and providers when charging e-cars is unparalleled. Actually, the first step towards improvement should finally be taken in a few months. But it doesn’t look like that anymore.

Easy payment at the charging station: E-car drivers keep waiting

Die Revision of the charging station ordinance (LSV) will probably be delayed: The Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) has now submitted a further amendment to the already repeatedly revised set of rules in a draft for the European Commission. Accordingly, the deadline should be July 1, 2023 pushed back a year become.

With the change to July 1, 2023 should calibrated electricity meter and the Contactless payment also with giro or credit card be prescribed. This will make it much easier for e-car drivers to make their payments and also to be able to understand what the current charging stop costs. Now it will probably be another year in chaos.

The BMWK explains it like this: “On July 1, 2023, however not a reasonable offer of charging stations must be available on the market that meets the requirements of the second ordinance amending the LSV with regard to a uniform payment system for ad-hoc charging and at the same time meet the nationwide demand for charging stations can” (Source: European Commission). So you draft a third regulation and get more time for the market.

But in doing so, the Federal Ministry also relieves the pressure on providers of having to deliver quickly. There are indeed corresponding charging stations from different manufacturers as well as payment terminals for retrofitting. However, the government doubts that the offer will be sufficient. Introducing tougher rules could “Urgently needed development of new charging infrastructure from this point in time,” the letter goes on to say.

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Combustion or e-car? It is currently difficult to predict who will make up the cost point in the long term:

Loading chaos without end: Who wants to get away from the combustion engine?

There has been a proliferation of charging stations in Germany for years now: the providers largely decide for themselves how to bill and pay. Competing charging cards, apps for payment and one almost inscrutable variety of tariffs are the consequence. In order to understand as an e-car driver at the charging station how much the charge costs, you have to have an extremely good overview.

If you fill up with petrol or diesel, it is much easier. It remains to be seen whether this will still be possible in the future.

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