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Edulia was born from Treccani knowledge: “150 courses to find (or change) work”

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Edulia was born from Treccani knowledge: “150 courses to find (or change) work”

Cristina Pozzi dreamed of a degree in philosophy. But her parents weren’t very convinced: “What job will you do?”. And so Cristina chose her numbers: she studied Economics, became a consultant and finally an entrepreneur. In 2006 you, together with your partner Andrea Dusi, founded Whish Days. They were “those” gods Emotion3 box setsat a time when experience – a trip, but also a dinner – was the perfect gift. Ten years later the two sold the company to Smartbox. And they split up. With an adventure they’ve been preparing for a long time.

Yes, we change. And yes, we can change.

While they worked on the wishes of the Italiansin fact, Cristina and Andrea – still inseparable partners – have given life to a non-profit association. “Her name was Impactscool without the H” – explains Cristina with a smile – and it was a social enterprise”. The goal was to disseminate in schools and universities innovation, technology and critical thinking. “The future is open source – was the motto of the association – shaped together and accessible to all”. In short, Cristina’s compass pointed strongly towards the future.


It says just like that on the cover of his book published in 2017, Welcome to 2050 published by Egea, dedicated to changes and critical issues. “The future, with its extraordinary innovations, unexpected experiences, extreme complexity, opportunities and threats that it brings, requires us to be equipped” reads the synopsis of that volume. Cristina was probably already wondering how to make it available to everyone the “toolbox” to face the change.

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Upskilling e Reskilling.

This is how it is defined, in the context of training, the process of adapting their skills and learning totally new skills. To fill a different role in a company. Or why not, to change jobs and improve their lives.

Cristina Pozzi, co-founder of Edulia

“We have done many training courses with Andrea – says Cristina -. In 2015, we followed some of them at Singularity University in California. And there they told us, before saying goodbye, to write on a ticket what we wanted to do in the future and to read it only on board the return plane. In flight we clearly understood that we wanted to dedicate ourselves to training too. But not that of top managers. To that, however, of anyone who needs it. It was something we thought might have a chance in Italy and in Europe.”

Meanwhile the Institute Treccanipoint of reference regarding knowledge in Italy (and not only that), he had some difficulties with the training he dedicated to teachers. Treccani felt the need for an innovation capable of offering teachers an effective way to transmit their knowledge. In an era heavily influenced by social media and a rapidly changing language, it was needed a different design of the learning experience.

Treccani was looking for a team dedicated to new training models.
Cristina and Andrea were looking for a launch pad for their ideas.
“This is how our collaboration with the Institute began,” says the manager.

And that’s how it is in April 2021 Treccani Futura was born.

The initial plan is to train teachersto contribute to their continuous training – through the issue of diplomas and certifications, in accordance with the Miur – and to plan school activities with them that they improve learning. Cristina also gives an example, linked to the world of journalism: “We suggest doing an experiment, in class, by inviting students to write news. But one group is asked to write fake news as believable as possible. The aim is to make kids aware of the process that leads to disinformation and fact-checking. on the one hand whoever writes false news must try to be credible, on the other whoever is called upon to verify them must do everything to unmask them”.

And then the project begins to appeal to others as well. Cdp Venture Capital wants a piece. “We would like to do something together on education”. And write a check in July 2022, contributing with a capital increase to a much larger idea than “knowledge stream”.

In short, in July 2022, “from Treccani knowledge”, the Edulia adventure began.

Edulia è a subscription platform aimed at teachers – it is called specifically Edulia Treccani School – and recently, thanks to the section Edulia Masterclassalso to all those who want to get rich, independently, their knowledge or skills. At the moment there are 150 courses available. But the very ambitious goal is to have a schedule of 1,000 courses by 2023.

“Every month we release new courses – explains Cristina – and the platform offers users the news and recommended courses based on those consulted up to that moment”.

For now the 200 hours of lessons they are divided into 7 macro areas: marketing and advertising, emerging sciences and technologies, business and startups, coding and programming, personal growth and soft skills, practical tools for work, art and culture. “The reference public of the Masterclasses – says Cristina – are the under 30s”.

Over offices in Rome, not far from the archaeological area of ​​Largo Torre Argentina, Edulia has created a recording studio for the teachers of its courses. There are currently 25 employees working on the creation and ‘maintenance’ of the program schedule Knowledge Netflixdivided between the Capital, Milan and Verona.

As she talks about her creature, Cristina Pozzi crosses the ancient and silent corridors of Treccani, peeks into the marvelous Institute library, looks at the surprising frescoes on the ceilings. Cristina experienced the change on her own skin and now she works to change the lives of others for the better. You have also written another book, signed with Andrea Dusi, entitled After – The world that awaits us. After the Pandemic, of course.

Bompianithe publishing house that published the essay, defines it “future maker”one of those able to intercept the drivers of change. And to explain how everything depends on our choices.

The future that awaits Cristina Pozzi, born in 1981, is about to jump out of a drawer. Six years ago she joined the degree course in Philosophy who dreamed so much. And shortly he will discuss his thesis.

It’s never too late to update your skills.

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