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Electric cars in the winter test

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Electric cars in the winter test

BIt’s crazy yes, but not that much. No, the editors didn’t overlook the fact that it’s 25 degrees outside and it’s ice age on this side. But with the current usual delivery times, the new car ordered today will only arrive when snow falls again. That’s why we thought: it can be done. The Finnish trade journal “Tekniikan Maailma” conducted an extensive comparison test with eight electric cars that are just entering the market, and because the colleagues in the far north, like the author of these lines, are on the jury for the traditional Car of the Year/Car of the Year award, they are allowed to do so we use the interesting results. BMW i4, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia Niro EV, Mercedes-Benz EQE, Nissan Ariya, Renault Mégane E-Tech, Toyota BZ4X and Volkswagen ID Buzz competed.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

As everyone knows, or should know, electric cars are weather sensitive. Above all, the range and charging time depend on the external conditions, batteries are heated or cooled. The electric drive feels most comfortable around 20 to 25 degrees, where it is not far from people. In their prospectus information, the manufacturers are based on a standard that, like the counterparts with petrol or diesel engines, creates comparability but is usually not achieved in reality. This has nothing to do with bad faith, no one has come up with a better solution. After all, the standard has recently moved closer to everyday life, WLTP is the keyword. In electromobility circles, it has also become customary to also specify a city cycle, which usually appears friendlier, because in this environment the energy recovery during the numerous braking processes benefits the battery and thus the range.

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