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Elon Musk can’t set up his computer. And so he asked Satya Nadella for help

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Elon Musk can’t set up his computer.  And so he asked Satya Nadella for help

There’s a curious story that’s been going on on Twitter for a couple of days, it’s engaging Elon Muskthe owner of the platform, Satya Nadellathe CEO of Microsoft, and Windowsthe best known and most widespread computer operating system.

It all started over the weekend, when the number one of X (as Musk decided to call Twitter) he said that “I just bought a new laptop but I can’t use it unless I create a Microsoft account, which means giving their AI access to my computer!”. Beyond the fact that this statement is false (because you can decide not to share your data with Copilot, the AI ​​built into Windows 11), things went downhill quickly from there.

twitter: Musk’s two posts on his computer

The request for help, from CEO to CEO

First of all, the tweet in which Musk said that “in the past there was an option to skip login or creating a Microsoft account” has been corrected by the feature Contextual information, which allows other users of the platform to voluntarily add additions to a post to make it more understandable. Or to correct it. It’s sort of bottom-up fact-checkingand the tweets are accompanied by the label Contextual information which should aid understanding.

Those additions to Musk’s tweet pointed out that it was indeed “You can still configure the latest version of Windows without a Microsoft account”, complete with a link to a page that explained how to do it.

Evidently struck by the poor impression made, Musk hasn’t given up: retweeted a screenshot of his tweet accompanied by the phrase “Le Contextual information they are wrong here, this option no longer exists.” Which (again) is not true, as he was answered (again) via another Contextual Information label: “Yes there is. However, it is not as easy as on Windows 10, because some slightly complicated steps are required the average man (the average Andy, ed.) may not be aware”. And another link where the procedure is explained.

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twitter: Musk’s request for help to Nadella

At that point did Musk give up and acknowledge the epic fail? Far from it. He searched for a tweet from Nadella (the one in which he announced the collaboration with the French startup Mistral for the development of new AI) and asked him for help: “Satya, I don’t want to bother you, but please allow people who set up a new Windows computer to skip creating a Microsoft account. This option disappears if the computer is connected to wifi.”

It’s like calling the company that makes your office printers every time a paper jams or you don’t know how to replace the toner. Actually, no: it is how to tag Zuckerberg in a Facebook post every time you can’t access Instagram, but he’s Musk and evidently he can. Even if Nadella hasn’t responded to him yet, it must be said.

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