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Elster changes storage period for documents and messages

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Elster changes storage period for documents and messages

By Laura Pomer | Aug 02, 2023 12:36 p.m

Users of the Elster tax administration program are currently receiving e-mails that they should read carefully. Because it informs about an important change regarding the storage of messages in the private mailbox. TECHBOOK explains what to expect – and how you should react.

The name Elster stands for electronic tax return. Among other things, the program enables its users to create and submit tax returns free of charge. Tax registrations or tax class changes, for example, also work via the portal. Information about such activities and general news from the tax administration program end up in the private Elster mailbox, and so far they have remained there until further notice. However, that is now changing.

Change at Elster: New storage period for messages

Elster users currently receive e-mails about the new features to the e-mail addresses they provided when registering. TECHBOOK has also received such a mail. As it says, in the future not all messages will be stored permanently in the private mailbox, but only the “important ones”. These are ones that could still be relevant in the future. This includes, for example, digital notification data and transmission protocols. For all other messages, a maximum storage period of just one year applies with immediate effect. After this period they will be lost without notice.

“Please note that from 18. September 2023 will start deleting old messages, ”explains the company in the info mail. This means messages that have been in the mailbox for more than a year at this point in time.

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Which messages Elster will soon delete – and what else will be deleted

Information on changed certificate details as well as notifications on status transitions of powers of attorney and authorizations will in future be among the messages that are provided with an expiry date.

Elster also points out that notifications are no longer automatically sent to users’ inboxes, for example if they have sent a form. Up until now, these had the subject “Confirmation of transmission”. In addition, there is no link to the “Submitted forms” page. If desired, customers will receive such information and notifications to their private e-mail address in the future. All they have to do is adjust their message settings.

Customers should do that now

Users can see how long messages are still available – via the “Available until” column in their inbox. Content that is at risk of being deleted can be preserved using the Download Selected feature. Elster reminds them to log into their account in good time before the announced deadline in September.

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