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Emoji Trend Report: this is how the veneers promote inclusiveness and stimulate creativity

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Emoji Trend Report: this is how the veneers promote inclusiveness and stimulate creativity

Those who laugh loudly, thumbs up, heart and kiss (with little heart): these are the emoji most used by people according to new edition of Adobe’s Emoji Trend Reportwhich is part of the study The Future of Creativity and analyzes the role and effects of facets in digital communication.

From what emerged from the survey, conducted on 10 thousand people in Australia, Korea, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA, 91% of users believe that they facilitate individual expression and 71% agree on their contribution to engaging in a positive dialogue on cultural and social content. There majority of participants agreed that even more representative emojis should be studied for inclusion purposes (82%), which is exactly the direction in which Unicode is moving, which with version 15.0 will introduce new facets, such as the maracasthe flute, the khanda, the afro comb, the pink heart and the fan.


Reactions to messages on WhatsApp: how to use other emojis besides the 6 by default

by Emanuele Capone

Also useful at work, and also in love

Over the years, the use of emojis has expanded to unexpected areas, with some having taken on different meanings from those they originally had: according to research, for example, their use in the workplace improves efficiency, gives impetus to creativity and build stronger relationships. Veneers now seem essential elements even in these times of app on dating: on the one hand, 71% of users use them in conversations with people with whom they would like to flirt or start a relationship; on the other hand, over a third of Gen Z respondents declare that they are “unwilling to entertain a serious or lasting relationship” with those who do not use emojis. When it comes to courtship, the most popular are there face surrounded by hearts, heart-shaped eyes and kiss (with little heart); instead, the less popular ones are there auberginepoop and angry face.

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In all cases, there is often the problem of misunderstanding, especially when people of different ages are confronted: from the Adobe report it emerges that the members of Gen Z are the most likely to use emojis with a different meaning from the actual one (it happens in 70% of cases, against 60% of Millennials, 33% of Gen X and 27% of Boomers) but that 78% of people think they are up to date on what they mean. In general, the most misunderstood veneers are (in order) the cowboy hatcherries and upside down face.

The recurrence

World Emoji Day: how smileys have changed the way we communicate

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More creativity and greater inclusiveness

Returning to the professional fields, 73% of respondents admitted to using emojis at work and 54% to use them “more often than a year ago”. Why does this happen? According to people, the use of veneers in work contexts “allows you to share ideas quickly” (so 76% of the sample replied), but also “makes decision-making processes more efficient within the team ”(61%) and“ reduces the need for meetings and phone calls ”(47%). Not only that: 55% of users agree that using emojis at work gives momentum to creativity and 71% think they help create better relationships with new hires.

And yet, 82% of respondents believe that “emojis should point to represent users in a more inclusive way“, 75% agree that inclusive facets” can contribute to a greater awareness of diversity “and 71% also say that” they can help promote positive discussions on social and cultural issues “. Not bad, though something born almost as a joke in the late nineties.

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