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Endpoint Released Simas – Rocket League – Gamereactor

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Endpoint Released Simas – Rocket League – Gamereactor

Esports organization Endpoint has announced that it has released a member of its Rocket League roster. Despite only joining the organization a few weeks ago, Simas “simas” Gurskis will leave the team and be allowed to explore other options in the competitive scene.

“Despite past strong starts in the split, our Rocket League team has worked hard to progress and realize the full potential of all players involved. We believe this is largely due to role conflict, and ultimately a shared decision has been made to allow Simas to explore the next Other options for splitting.

“Simas has been a key part of the squad and is a true professional and it has been a pleasure to work with him. We wish him the best and will actively assist him in finding a new home.

As for what’s next for Endpoint’s Rocket League team, the team “Will be tailgating replacements over the next month to make sure we get the right players for the winter split.

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