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Energy-efficient production reduces user’s carbon footprint

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Energy-efficient production reduces user’s carbon footprint

Reusable stainless steel blasting media increase sustainability and improve the eco-balance.

In the induction furnaces, stainless steel is melted and atomized, creating the spherical CHRONITAL.

At GIFA 2023, VULKAN INOX will showcase CHRONITAL and GRITTAL blasting abrasives, which the company has been producing exclusively with renewable energy since 2022. By doing so, VULKAN INOX improves the eco-balance of its customers, because the blasting media they purchase brings a significantly smaller CO2 footprint. In addition, the reusable stainless steel blasting abrasives reduce consumption to just a few percent compared with mineral-based ones. Thus, when blasting metal workpieces, they make a significant contribution to the sustainability of production.

VULKAN INOX is the first manufacturer to supply stainless steel blasting abrasives that are both produced and used in a particularly environmentally friendly manner and are reusable: They are made from melted steel scrap and are completely recycled back into the metal cycle – a prime example of functioning recycling management.

Since last year, VULKAN INOX has been using 100 percent regenerative electrical energy for its induction furnaces. As a result, the blasting media leaves the plant in Hattingen with an outstandingly small CO2 footprint. When used by customers it significantly improves the eco-balance, because they wear very slowly on impact with the workpieces and cycle again and again in a closed circuit. VULKAN“s blasting media reduces the amount of abrasives used to just a few percent of the quantities previously required compared with mineral materials.

The high dimensional stability of the individual stainless steel grains prevents the formation of dust and noticeably improves working and visibility conditions. In addition, their use reduces the amount of waste and the cost of disposal.

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Christian Hoffmann, Sales Manager at VULKAN INOX, knows that his customers are making great efforts to reduce their own footprint. Once again, he sees VULKAN INOX as a pioneer in its industry: „We have made many adjustments: As a starting material, we deliberately buy secondary input materials with a low CO2 footprint . Since 2022, we have been operating our induction furnaces with electricity generated from renewable sources and implementing waste heat recovery to power the drying process. Overall, we have reduced CO2 emissions from our own and third-party energy sources (Scope 1 and 2) by 87 percent since 2018. This means we are conserving valuable resources. Our goal is to convert the entire process so that gas will no longer be required.“


Düsseldorf/Germany, June 12 to 16, 2023

Hall 16 / Stand G 09


VULKAN INOX GmbH, founded in 1985, specializes in the development and production of durable, corrosion-resistant abrasives for a variety of blasting tasks in surface finishing on different metallic and mineral materials. Examples are deburring and edge rounding, desanding and descaling, roughening and structuring, smoothing and cleaning. The basis of the product range is the spherical CHRONITAL and the angular GRITTAL, which are used alone or in combination.

At the heart of production are two high-performance induction melting furnaces, which mainly melt recycled scrap. At the company headquarters in Hattingen, 63 employees work in development, production and administration. More than 30 representative offices worldwide stand for competent technical advice, reliable delivery and fast service.

company contact
Christian Hoffmann
Gottwaldstraße 21
45525 Hattingen, Germany
+49 2324 5616-0

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Press contact
VIP Communication
Regina Reinhardt
Dennewartstraße 25-27
52068 Aachen, Germany
+49 241 89468-24

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