Home Technology Equipped with 4 buttons on the back, cost-effective! Answer Announces “Wireless Controller Force for Switch”!

Equipped with 4 buttons on the back, cost-effective! Answer Announces “Wireless Controller Force for Switch”!

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Equipped with 4 buttons on the back, cost-effective!  Answer Announces “Wireless Controller Force for Switch”!

It can vary by game type, but many people are likely to use theGamepad-type controllerThere are many types of controllers on the market, both genuine and third-party,Available for every platform, so you may have an easy-to-use controller to your liking.Recently the gyroscope operates atA squid and octopus gameis very advantageous in Demand for Pro handlesobviously increase,out of stockcontinued.In addition, since it is a genuine product, the price rangeAround 8,000 yen, it’s hard to say the price at which pom poms can be bought. Everyone agrees that if there is a third-party controller with high performance and an affordable price range, it will be useful as a primary or secondary controller.can be tilted2-way stand hub known asAnswer Co. Ltd.,Released a multifunctional and cost-effective controller

Wireless controller with 4 buttons on the back

Switch Wireless Controller Force
answer store

Answer Co., Ltd. released a multifunctional wireless controller for Switch“Wireless Controller Force for Switch ”! The design and size of the main unit seem to be similar to the Pro PC, and it seems that you can use it without discomfort. Since it is a “wireless controller”, you canwirelessuse, you can also use a USB cablewired connectionuse.I’m glad I can use it for situations like when the battery is dying, or when IIn places with a lot of radio waveswhen using it.it also hasNFC functionGyroscope and accelerometer, so you can use it in one of the squid octopus games without any problem. So far, “Wireless Controller Force for Switch” has given the impression of a third-party Pro console, and of course that doesn’t end there!Also installed manyHandy +α function!first of allRapid fire and rapid fire retention function!You may be familiar with rapid fire, the rapid fire hold function is aKeep pressing buttons even when you’re not touching the controllerfunction.If you hold down the button you want to keep pressing, your finger is released and you can use it toother operations, which is a great advantage.still alrightSet the fire rate in three stages of low speed, medium speed and high speed,Can be used according to the situation.

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Switch Wireless Controller Force
Switch Wireless Controller Force
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And “Wireless Controller Force for Switch” has4 back buttons! This rear button is quite useful when playing FPS or TPS with the handle, and the original handle of the next-generation high-end models is also equipped.Apart fromA、B、X、Y、L、ZL、R、ZRAlternatively, you can adddirectional key(up down left right), L stick button and R stick buttonController force assigned to the rear button switch of “Wireless”. There are 4 in total, use them according to your play style and game name!

Switch Wireless Controller Force
Switch Wireless Controller Force
answer store

High cost performance is about half the price of Pro Con!

“Wireless Controller Force for Switch” is currently on sale for 4, 818 yen (tax included) available at Answer Co., Ltd.’sOfficial EC site “Answer Store” purchase. In addition, large home appliance retail stores have also begun to publish product pages, and it is expected to start processing soon.Considering the price of a Pro computer, it’s only as good as itsabout half,but itEquipped with +α convenience features like quick fire and back button, making it a very cost-effective product. This is the perfect product for those who want a back button but give up on the lack of it on the genuine product. Also recommended! For product details and purchases, please go to the “Answer Store” to view! Also, to commemorate the release, Answer’s official Twitter ( @Answer_cp ) is“Wireless Controller Force for Switch” gift campaign held! If you follow the official twitter ( @Answer_cp ) and retweet the event, you’ll have a great chance3 people will win “Wireless Controller Force for Switch” by lottery! I think this is a product that a lot of people are interested in, so the competition seems to be high, but if you get the chance, please follow and retweet it now!There is less than one week to apply until February 5, 2023 (Sunday),Hurry up!

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