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[Evaluation]”Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” custom fun skills + brain-burning strategy game

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[Evaluation]”Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” custom fun skills + brain-burning strategy game

In 2017, Ubisoft’s “Crazy Rabbit” series cooperated with Nintendo’s “Mario” series as a selling point, and launched “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Kingdom Battle” based on the war chess game. In addition to the characters of the two companies, a lot of funny and eccentric humor elements are also added to the game. Players can control the characters of the Mario series and crazy rabbits in various costumes. “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Kingdom Battle” has successively launched Chinese culture and DLC updates, which has attracted the pursuit and love of many players. At the E3 game last June, the sequel “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” was officially released, and it was officially released on October 20.

continueNonsensical continuation of the funny and humorous plot

Although Ubisoft stated that the game “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” is a sequel to the previous episode “Kingdom of War”, but the plot has no connection with the previous episode, and players do not need to replay the previous episode to understand the plot. In “Star of Hope”, players need to travel the entire galaxy to save the cute special creature “Xingke”, so they need to fight against the evil alien invader “Curse Sha”, which not only invades the planet but also controls some creatures to fight against the player . There are different environments and enemies on different planets in the galaxy, and of course new companions will join along the way. There will be a lot of spoof or funny dramatic scenes in the game, although not necessarily humorous but at least it will make players smile.

Removed weapon attribute level system bonus

This time, the levels encountered in “Star of Hope” will provide levels, and you can know the strength of the level. This time, instead of changing weapons like in Kingdom Wars, you can change damage and functions, but this time a new level system has been added. As long as you fight through the game, you can increase your life and attack. If you want to have a smoother game process, you can only choose through battle. The different weapons obtained in the game are just an appearance. Although there is no effect, the appearance is still quite interesting. You can buy them in the store or get through certain levels.

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Continue the character skill tree to assign skills at will

Although the game takes away the weapon performance system, it retains the character’s skill tree function as in Kingdom Battle. This time, instead, the skill core is used as a bonus, which can be obtained through treasure chests, upgrades, or side quests. However, this time the skill tree can add a “refund” option, players can recombine different skills in some cases, which helps to pass the level and complete the task. The skill tree is mainly divided into health, movement, weapons and special skills. The last item is “?”, which is waiting for players to discover, and the method of obtaining it is to defeat hidden bosses on each planet.

Flexible use of the venue to add throwing and jumping functions

This time, the level design of “Star of Hope” has more changes than that of “Kingdom Battle”, and this time, in addition to the terrain height difference, there are also high platforms or terrain traps, which will test the player how to proceed to the next round. Although the venue changes more and the venue becomes larger, “Star of Hope” has added two functions “throwing” and “jumping”. The first is the throwing function. Some enemies or levels need to be “thrown” to win, which first appeared in the game. It is a bomber. When the player uses “Dash” to hit it, he can use “Pickup”, and finally he can “Throw” to deal damage to the enemy according to his own direction.

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The “Jump” has a similar function in “Kingdom Battle” before, but this time through “jump”, there is a short-term lingering in the air, and players can use this function to reach different places. For example, if there is a gap between the fields, you can use the “jump” to pass, or use the “jump” to the high ground to effectively use the geographical position to attack. In addition, players can use “jump” to move farther, and it is easier to avoid enemy attacks or close the enemy’s distance. Some controllable characters can also use the “jump” function to have different attack styles, allowing the game to think more flexibly about the next step.

Change freely with cute star skills

“Hope Star” does not have the exclusive weapon performance like “Kingdom Battle”, but the skill function has become the focus of “Hope Star”. The cute special creature “Xingke” that appeared this time has different abilities and characteristics, such as some attribute damage resistance and special skills. Every “Star Ke” is very useful, and as the plot will get more “Star Ke”, each place will provide more powerful hidden “Star Ke”. Each “Xingke” can be fed stardust to upgrade. After upgrading, all abilities will be improved. However, because there are too many “Xingke”, the upgrade should be based on the most convenient one.

Keep the puzzle elements and discover the hidden elements of the planet

Of course, “Star of Hope” is not just a simple battle, but also adds a lot of puzzle-solving elements. For example, this time the robot assistant “Beep-O” can shatter stones or find hidden paths. The game scene has many different locations for players to discover. If you’re not careful, you might see hidden treasure chests and even roads. In addition, there are some scenes for players to solve the mystery. It may be necessary to open a treasure chest or meet conditions to solve it. The game also retains the gold coin challenge of “Kingdom Battle”, if players are struggling with fighting, they may try these interesting puzzle elements.

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Summary: spicy and not spicy, brain-burning strategy game

Readers in the above review may wonder if the game will be too difficult or complicated. Just when I was writing the review, I chose to play the game on hard difficulty in order to challenge the game. When I played the second planet, I found that the difficulty skyrocketed, and some levels were still impossible to pass even on normal difficulty. Of course, you can choose to switch to easy difficulty, or choose to fight later. Later, I found that the settings in the game are very friendly. In addition to the difficulty adjustment, you can also customize the enemy’s damage, restore health, etc., and even have an “invincible” mode function. You can also restart the game at any time during the battle, or you can escape without any cost, which is also a very friendly function for novice or veteran players.

Conclusion “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” can provide players with exciting and interesting experience. It is a very good turn-based strategy game in the near future. When you experience the game in the early stage, you will slowly understand the rules of the game. When you complete the first one The planet is the test of whether the player can understand the elements. Due to the combination of “Xingke” and the distribution of skills, the selected characters will deeply affect the combat experience of the game. Although the level system is provided this time, the level gap is very large, otherwise you can only try again or lower the difficulty. The game has more degrees of freedom under different “stars”, and the interesting puzzle-solving elements in the game are also relished. Sometimes the plot field and even the background concert have a feeling of acquaintance. I don’t know if it is a “salutation” to different games and videos. The richness of the game can definitely satisfy the players, and the humorous part is worth adding points.

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