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Everyone should know this hidden function

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Everyone should know this hidden function

The black pin on the thermostat not only indicates which heating level you have set. You can also use it to lock your heating at a certain level. This can save you money – especially if you have children in the household who like to play around with the controls.

Black pin on the heater determines the regulator

The market for smart radiator thermostats is booming – especially since the last energy price crisis. No wonder, after all, through the clever use and setup of smart home devices, consumption can be reduced rapidly, which after a while will also be noticeable on the utility bill.

But the classic thermostats also have a few tricks up their sleeves that perhaps not everyone knows yet and that can potentially save you a lot of money. The black pin on the thermostat is not just there to see which heating level is currently set. If you set the control to a certain level and push the pin down, with some thermostats, like the one from Cosmo pictured above, determine the heating at this level. In this state, the heating cannot be turned up or down any further. If you want to adjust the heating again, all you have to do is push the pin back up. You can now freely use the heating again.

Good to know: With the Cosmo thermostat I tested, the heating level can only be determined directly on the individual levels (1-5). If you try between steps, the pin may not click into place properly. It is quite possible that this is also the case with other models.

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If you have children in the household, you can sometimes use this tip. Because it’s not uncommon for little ones to like playing around with the radiator control. If you’re not careful, you’ll have a bit of bad luck setting the heating to 5 and… unnecessary heating costs wasted.

You can find out what the individual numbers and symbols on your heating thermostat mean here:

Red/blue plastic pin on the thermostat performs a similar function

However, if the black pin on your thermostat can be found on the rotary knob, it only serves as a limiter. If you push it upwards, i.e. towards the heating, The controller cannot be set higher than this. However, you can still move the controller freely between the zero position and the specified limit. Good to know: You can move this pin with a little sensitivity so that you can set the limit yourself.

The situation is similar with the blue-white and red-white plastic clips, which some may know from their thermostats. With them you can set a minimum and a maximum. The blue clip usually serves as a limit for the lower area, the red one for the upper area. If you always want it to be quite warm in a room, you can set the blue clip to the second level and the red clip to the fourth. If you want to remove the limitation, all you have to do is push the plastic pins back down, i.e. away from the heater.

This is what the blue and red plastic clips on the radiator thermostat look like (Image source: Getty Images – Get Your Pic)

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Electricity and heating costs continue to rise. So that you don’t experience a blue miracle the next time you pay your bill, our GIGA energy expert Peter has put together a few tips with which you can save a lot of money in this area:

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