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Exciting Lineup at the 22nd Comic Expo: Exclusive Acrylic Stands, Vinyl Records, and More!

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Exciting Lineup at the 22nd Comic Expo: Exclusive Acrylic Stands, Vinyl Records, and More!

22nd Comic Expo to Showcase Exciting Merchandise

July 20, 2023

The highly anticipated 22nd Comic Expo is set to take place at World Trade Center Hall 1 in Taipei from July 27th to 31st. Comic book enthusiasts and fans of popular works can look forward to an array of exciting merchandise and exclusive products being offered at the event.

Dongli Publishing House, one of the major participants in the expo, will not only be selling peripheral boutiques of super popular works but will also showcase items related to the author of “Lonely Rock!” and “Happy Ending.” Additionally, well-known Taiwanese BL cartoonists TaaRO and MAE will be present to introduce their new venue-exclusive boutiques. Furthermore, the classic Three Kingdoms comic, “Fire and Phoenix,” will launch its highly anticipated 20th-anniversary commemorative merchandise.

“Lonely Rock!” Exclusive Boutique Items

“Lonely Rock!” fans are in for a treat as the series will be launching the “Acrylic Stand” of Little Lonely‧Goto Ichisato. Additionally, a “File Folder Set of 2” featuring precious bonus pictures will also be available for avid collectors. Fans of “Happy Ending” can look forward to purchasing the “PET bronzing poster set 2 sets” and “silver hot folder set 2 sets,” featuring exquisite artwork by the author. These generous and simply designed items are definitely worthy additions to any collection.

TaaRO & MAE Exclusive Acrylic

The collaboration between TaaRO and MAE has resulted in the creation of the exclusive “Fanyou Acrylic” product, which is designed to accompany fans at all times. This special product will only be available at the venue and will not be sold in stores or packages after the expo. Fans interested in purchasing this limited edition item are urged not to miss out.

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The TaaRO model is inspired by the protagonists in the work “Youth Triangle,” with intriguing emotional lines and unexpected storylines. On the other hand, the MAE model features characters from the popular works “Touching the Practice Contract” and “The Monster of Memory” with furry animal ears. These unique designs, combined with the teacher’s exquisite character descriptions and youthful story themes, are sure to captivate readers.

The fanyou acrylic is priced at NT$120 and is sold through blind draw, with each box containing a randomly selected item. This adds an element of surprise to the purchasing experience, as fans are treated to new, specially drawn pictures by the author, including some that have never been published before. Hidden items are also waiting to be discovered, making these acrylics a must-have for avid collectors and fans.

“Fire and Phoenix” 20th Anniversary Commemorative Color Vinyl Records

As part of the 20th-anniversary celebrations for the classic Three Kingdoms comic “Fire and Phoenix,” a special 10-inch color vinyl record will be released. The vinyl record contains the singing version and instrumental version of the commemorative song “Only One Time,” which has been specially remixed for vinyl use.

The overall packaging design of the vinyl records is closely tied to the theme of “Fire and Phoenix,” with a transparent red plastic cover and carefully selected materials. The packaging also includes text information and new artwork created by the teacher, resulting in a visually pleasing and commemorative product. Each color vinyl record package will come with its own stamping serial number, adding to its collectible value.

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Note: Each person is limited to purchasing 5 copies of the same item. The actual sales of products will primarily take place at the event. Dongli Publishing House reserves the right to make changes to the event.

2023 Comic Expo Event Information

Date: July 27-31, 2023

Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily

Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1
(No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Taipei City)

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