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Experts make their own Apple “Vision Pro” for only $1,000 – Qooah

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Experts make their own Apple “Vision Pro” for only $1,000 – Qooah

Tech Enthusiast Successfully Creates Affordable Vision Pro Head-Mounted Display from 2019 MacBook Pro

Mac Address, a prominent tech YouTuber, recently shared a groundbreaking video showcasing how a tech enthusiast managed to modify a 2019 MacBook Pro model into an affordable Vision Pro head-mounted display for less than $1,000.

The process involved the purchase of a second-hand 2019 MacBook Pro, which was carefully disassembled with a focus on removing the damaged portions of the screen in preparation for renovation work.

Following the disassembly, the innovator then connected the Rokid Max AR glasses to the MacBook Pro using smart wiring techniques, resulting in a successful combination of AR glasses with a laptop in what has been dubbed the “decapitated” MacBook Pro design.

Upon completing the connection, the tech enthusiast made necessary adjustments based on corresponding software to ensure the modified head-mounted display could deliver an interactive experience comparable to the Apple Vision Pro head-mounted display.

The launch of this innovative head-mounted display serves as a testament to the limitless potential of technological development and also offers a new and affordable option for tech enthusiasts and consumers seeking an alternative to high-priced head-mounted displays.

This latest achievement serves as a testament to the innovative spirit of the tech community and highlights the endless possibilities for creative technology solutions.

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