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Facebook down: thousands report problems accessing the social network

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Facebook down: thousands report problems accessing the social network

Problems for the Facebook site. Several thousand users around the world are reportedly having problems accessing the social network of the Meta galaxy.

The problems would have started around 6 pm, when users for a while from all the countries where the social network is active began to report inefficiencies, especially on the social network site, while the app would seem to be holding up at the moment.

As often happens, it is on Twitter that those who have noticed the down of the platform have flocked to report it, where the hashtag #FacebookDown is rising in the trend topics.

At the moment there are about 5,000 reports on Downdetector, while on the world map of disruptions, the reports, which started in the United States, are gradually spreading to Europe with Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy at the moment being the most affected countries.

It would be the second down recorded on Facebook in recent months. On August 24, the social network was inaccessible for several hours due to what the company later justified as “a change in the configuration of the social network”. On that occasion, on the Facebook home, users saw posts from people they didn’t follow, or from groups they weren’t subscribed to.

The downs of Instagram and Whatsapp are more recent: both arrived in October. The social network has recorded problems with stories, while the second has been inactive for several hours, also causing various problems for companies that have part of their customer service on the messaging platform.

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