Home Technology Falling budget for gifts? Here are 10 gadgets to spend less than 100 euros

Falling budget for gifts? Here are 10 gadgets to spend less than 100 euros

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Falling budget for gifts?  Here are 10 gadgets to spend less than 100 euros

Last year, according to data from Nomisma and Assofranchising, the average amount for Christmas gifts to close family members did not exceed 93 euros, a figure in line with that of the previous year for more than half of Italians (while one out of ten decided not to buy gifts) and mirror a much more cautious attitude to shopping than in the pre-Covid era.

After twelve months, and pending the probable rush to the “big deal” at the turn of the Black Friday offers, the sharp slowdown in consumption due to expensive bills and persistent inflation would have already led, according to the latest Ipsos surveys for Confesercenti, to a reduction in purchases in the third quarter of 2.5 billion compared to the same period last year.

Many items impacted by the gap in shopping, starting with those for restaurants, bars, holidays and clothing. What about digital gadgets? Also in this case, and to tell us this is a study by Deloitte (“Digital Consumer Trends Survey”), the rush to buy PCs, speakers and smart headphones online and in stores seems destined to slow down due to the decrease in demand linked to distance learning and smart working.

If for products that still have very limited booking rates such as virtual reality viewers, the list price goes beyond a double-digit budget, for those who are thinking of a Christmas gift in tech sauce there are still different solutions (promotions at part) to spend a maximum of 100 euros.

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The connected home is one of the most popular themes and one of the latest Amazon proposals, the Echo Dot, also available in the version with clock, falls into this category. With 59.99 or 69.99 euros you can take home the spherical design speaker with bass up to twice as deep as the previous generation and new sensors for a more contextual experience with Alexa, to automatically set the connected systems in home network or to view information on the display more dynamically when interacting with the virtual butler.

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