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February 2024, but for a long time

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The white alarm clock and the black alarm clock

We have two alarm clocks on our bedside tables: a white radio alarm clock and a black radio alarm clock. We never use the white one to wake us up, it’s just there to tell the time. The black radio alarm clock comes from the dark side of the force. It rings reliably at 6 a.m. We swap alarm clocks every night before we go to sleep. Anyone who is woken up by the dark side of the force at 6 a.m. is responsible for the children’s morning service. Wake up, make breakfast, wake up and WAKE UP again.

I usually can’t find the white alarm clock among the many things on my nightstand because it changes location every day. It also lights up blue and the display is difficult to read. My husband prefers to use the white alarm clock than I do.

I have a Fitbit on my wrist at night and I prefer to use it to check the time. Furthermore, and this is much more important to me, the FitBit’s display lights up just bright enough to show me the way to the toilet. Briefly press to the side is enough. The way there takes three presses and is therefore sufficiently illuminated without seriously waking me up.

(Alina Smithee)

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