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Fewer thefts on construction sites with AI-based detection

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Fewer thefts on construction sites with AI-based detection

Thanks to AI-based solutions, BauWatch has focused on more efficient monitoring of construction sites, too often at the center of theft and vandalism. In particular, the company’s effort has focused on applying deep learning, one of the subsets of AI, to video analytics for comprehensive construction site monitoring.

Heavy costs and losses

Theft and acts of vandalism represent two of the main threats that characterize the construction sector. This is confirmed by the data coming from national trade associations, according to which approximately 40% of companies in Northeast suffers at least one theft or vandalism per year. Even if in the rest of Italy the incidence is lower, the general situation remains grave. Suffice it to say that the costs for losses suffered, both in terms of material and equipment, can vary from 300 million to one billion euros.

Ensure comprehensive monitoring

Laura Casparrini Managing Director at BauWatch Italy
In a context of this type, to deal with the surge in thefts and vandalism recorded on a large scale in construction sites, video surveillance systems have become essential. Especially in very large spaces, where a guard or a camera are not sufficient to ensure complete and effective monitoring.

In this regard, one of the key features that has contributed to making our solutions suitable for construction site safety is the work with a deep learning algorithm, synonymous with very accurate object detection. We are talking about an increasing precision that can reach 99.9%.

To have fewer thefts on construction sites

The deep learning system actually has the ability to refine itself over time. Because it analyzes and classifies continuously objects that enter the field of vision of cameras positioned on the construction site. This has the advantage of significantly reducing false alarms and detecting real intrusions as quickly as possible. Based on an object detection algorithm developed internally, BauWatch solutions represent a successful example of how artificial intelligence techniques can contribute to making construction processes more efficient. That is, one of the driving sectors of the world economy, but which still struggles to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

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