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“Fighting Whirlwind 6” public beta test plan, introducing “Fighting Land” and “World Tour” new system | 4Gamers

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“Fighting Whirlwind 6” public beta test plan, introducing “Fighting Land” and “World Tour” new system | 4Gamers

CAPCOM held an online press conference at the Tokyo Game Show on the evening of the 15th (15th), and released a lot of new information about “Kambat Whirlwind 6”.

First of all, in the role of participating in the war, the four old faces of Dalsim, Honda, Blanca, and Ken are disclosed. I believe that people who have a little exposure to “Fighting Whirlwind” are quite familiar with them.

Then there is the very interesting “World Tour” system this time. This is a realistic story mode for single-player play. Players have to use their own characters to carve their own legends on the streets.

In this world, players can create their own characters, experience various activities while traveling around the world, engage in street battles with the residents of the world at any time, meet the game characters who are legendary fighters, and learn their nirvana from teachers , then fight against powerful enemies and become stronger.

Another system is the “Battle Lobby” where players can communicate with each other, which will be the core mode of Street Fighter 6. Players can use the avatars they have trained during the “World Tour” tour to communicate with other players gathered here while playing the online content of “Fighting Land”, and each “Battle Lobby” can accommodate up to 100 people.

There are various functions here, including the “Battle Stage” where you can enjoy playing against other players, the “Extreme Battle Stage” with field effects or special rules, the “Game Center” where you can play traditional CAPCOM arcade games, and the The “Lobby Item Store” where you can customize your avatar, and the “Event Counter” where you can hold or participate in the knockout rounds, also have a spectator function.

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CAPCOM released the information on the closed beta test at the end of the press conference. The closed beta test will be held from 15:00 on October 7th to 15:00 on October 10th, Taiwan time, and the platforms are PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. The closed beta will mainly test various functions of the battle lobby, including matchmaking, extreme battle mode, console center, and events such as tournaments.

The beta test supports traditional Chinese. If you want to participate, you can refer to it first.The content of the official website and apply for a beta test (click this link)remember to apply for a CAPCOM ID first.

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