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File manager. Volume Mixer Retrofit, Experimental Function Switch Windows 11 2023 New Feature Preview – PCM

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File manager. Volume Mixer Retrofit, Experimental Function Switch Windows 11 2023 New Feature Preview – PCM

Last year, Windows 11 launched the 22H2 feature update, introducing new features such as the start menu folder, file explorer tab, instant subtitles, voice access, etc. What new features will Windows 11 introduce in 2023? A few days ago, someone found some promising clues in the code and release notes of the Windows 11 preview.

File Explorer Overhaul

The biggest change in the Windows 11 2023 feature update should be in the file manager. According to the images leaked by internal developers, Microsoft intends to carry out a major reform of the file manager and deeply integrate the file information of Microsoft 365 (Office). As long as users link Microsoft 365 and OneDrive accounts in Windows 11, they can view file details in the file explorer.

The new file manager will add a new pane on the right. When the user selects a file that is synchronized with Microsoft 365, in addition to displaying the property information of the file in the new pane on the right, it will also display the modification, comments and sharing of the file, etc. Activity records, comments, conversations with colleagues about the file, and files related to the file, the content is much richer than the current “details pane”. This feature is suitable for managing files for collaboration with colleagues. And even without connecting to Mirosoft 365, the new pane provides more useful information.

Because of the need to synchronize cloud data in different formats, the new file explorer will introduce an interface designed with XAML language.

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Independently control the volume of each software

The volume control on the Windows 11 taskbar can only be used to select the playback device and the overall volume. If you want to adjust the volume of different software and browsers one by one, you have to troublesomely open the “Settings” program. In the future, the volume mixer will be redesigned, and you can close and adjust the volume of individual programs and browsers, switch spatial audio, etc. directly on the taskbar. In the future, you can easily turn down the volume of the game, but keep the system notification sound louder.

Experimental features turn on and off as you go

In the past, when Microsoft wanted to test the popularity of new Windows features in the Insider user group, it divided users into A/B groups to provide different versions of new features, but sometimes the results obtained in this way were not sufficient, for example, there were not enough people Use this function.

Microsoft is experimenting with adding a feature switch called “AllowExperimentalFeatures” to the Windows Insider tester program page of Windows Update. Users who join Windows Insider can switch experimental features there and try early adopters without waiting for Microsoft to open it.

These new features are still in the development stage and are hidden by Microsoft. It is not ruled out that there will be changes in the future or even cancel the launch.

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