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films, series and programs to see on July 21st…

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films, series and programs to see on July 21st…

What to see tonight on TV? As always, we are here to answer this question and to give you useful tips for your evening. Rai 1 broadcasts in prime time Such and such – The tournamentwhile Canale 5 continues the programming of the episodes of the first season de The girl and the officer. Space also for current affairs with Fourth grade – Storiesbroadcast at 21:20 on Rete 4.

There are also several alternatives for the cinema tonight on TV. The 7 proposes in succession A perfect shot Of Michael Radford and the timeless classic of Woody Allen Manhattan. The proposal from Rai Movie, which it broadcasts, is also excellent Journey to the Center of the Earth and 15 minutes – New York killing spreewhile Iris plans Perfume – Story of a murderer Of Tom Tykwer e American History X Of Tony Kaye. Below, the complete list of everything that awaits us tonight on TV.

Tonight on TV: movies, series and shows to watch on July 21, 2023

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Rai 1

21:25 – Such and such – The tournament (talent show)
11.55pm – TG 1 Sera (news)
00:00 – Code – Life is digital (column)
00:55 – Rai News 24 (news)
01:10 – What is the weather like (weather forecast)
01:15 – Cinematografo Estate (column)

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Rai 2

21:20 – The island of 30 coffins (television series, season 1 episodes 5-6)
11.15pm – Total Summer Football (sports section)
00:10 – Last trace: Berlin (TV series, season 7 episode 11)
00:55 – Pilots (TV series, season 1)
01:25 – Meteo 2 (weather forecast)
01:30 – Rai News 24 (newscast)

Rai 3

8.00 pm – Diamond League Monte Carlo (athletics)
10.00 pm – I wanted to hide (film by Giorgio Rights, 2020)
00:00 – TG 3 Summer night line (column)
00:30 – Meteo 3 (weather forecast)
00:40 – Out of hours. Things (never) seen (film container)
00:50 – A film like any other (film by Jean-Luc Godard, 1969)

Network 4

21:20 – Fourth grade – Stories (current events)
00:20 – All Rise (television series, season 2 episode 11)
01:15 – Once upon a time there was … Musicarello (column)

Channel 5

21:20 – The girl and the officer (television series, season 1 episode 19-20-21)
00:15 – Station 19 (television series, season 5 episode 3)
01:10 – TG 5 (news)

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Italia 1

9:20pm – Chicago PD (TV Series, Season 10 Episodes 7-8)
11:10pm – Law & Order: Organized Crime (television series, season 2 episodes 10-11)
00:50 – Prodigal Son (television series, season 2 episodes 11-12)

the 7

21:15 – A perfect shot (film by Michael Radford, 2007)
23:40 – Manhattan (film by Woody Allen, 1979)
01:45 – On air Summer (current events)

TV 8

21:30 – The crimes of the Glimmer (television series, season 5 episodes 1-2)

New ones

21:25 – Crozza’s best brothers (show)
10.55pm – Confession (current news)
00:25 – Apocalypse (documentary)
01:50 – Airport Security: Europa (real TV)

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Rai Movie

21:10 – Journey to the Center of the Earth (film by Eric Brevig, 2008)
10:40 pm – 15 minutes – New York killing spree (film by John Herzfeld, 2001)

00:45 – Brian Banks – The game of life (film by Tom Shadyac, 2018)


21:00 – Perfume – Story of a murderer (film by Tom Tykwer, 2006)
00:00 – American History X (film di Tony Kaye, 1998)


21:15 – Venus and Flower (film by Emmanuel Mouret, 2004)
11:15pm – For sex or for love? (film by Bertrand Blier, 2005)
01:00 – The culture of sex (documentary)

Rai 4

21:20 – Chen’s scream terrorizes the West too (Bruce Lee film, 1972)
23:00 – Predator 2 (film di Stephen Hopkins, 1990)
00:55 – Warrior (television series, season 2 episode 5)
01:50 – Hangman – The Hangman Game (film by Johnny Martin, 2017)

Rai 5

21:15 – Pappano and Santa Cecilia for the closing of the festival of the two worlds (musical)
22:45 – A Soul Journey (documentario)
11:55pm – Freak and his brothers (documentary)
01:20 – The boy with the Leica – 60 years of Italy in the eyes of Gianni Berengo Gardin (documentary)

Films and TV series in bold. We are not responsible for last minute schedule changes.

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