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films, series and programs to see on June 10th…

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films, series and programs to see on June 10th…

What to see tonight on TV? Even today we are here to answer this question and to give some useful advice for an evening of entertainment and relaxation. For all football fans, the appointment is at 21:00 on Canale 5 for the highly anticipated Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter. Rai 3 responds by continuing the programming of the de episodes The brilliant friendwhile for cultural and environmental study there is Eden – A planet to save at 21:15 on La 7.

There are also several alternatives for the cinema tonight on TV. Italia 1 dedicates the entire evening to animated films, broadcasting in succession Shrek and they lived happily ever after e Gladiators of Rome. Rai 1 responds with Have you ever been to the moon? Of Paul Genoesewhile Rai Movie dedicates the evening to Italian cinema with Do not hate Of Mauro Mancini e Nothing can stop us Of Luigi Cecinelli. Below, everything that awaits us tonight on TV.

Tonight on TV: movies, series and shows to watch on June 10, 2023

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Rai 1

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21:30 – Have you ever been to the moon? (film by Paolo Genovese, 2015)
23:40 – Big Wedding (film di Justin Zackham, 2013)
01:15 – Subheading (current events)
01:45 – A thousand and one books (column)

Rai 2

21:20 – Crystals of memory (film by John Lyde, 2019)
11.00 pm – TG 2 Dossier (current events)
11.45pm – Meteo 2 (weather forecast)
11.50 pm – TG 2 Storie: stories of the week (current events)
00:30 – TG 2 Carpenter (column)
00:55 – TG 2 Cinematinée (column)
01:00 – TG 2 Ahab Books (column)
01:05 – TG 2 Yes, travel (column)
01:15 – TG 2 Eat Parade (rubrica)
01:30 – Appointment at the cinema (column)
01:35 – Rai News 24 (news)

Rai 3

21:30 – My brilliant friend (television series, season 1 episodes 3-4)
11.30 pm – TG 3 Mondo (news)
11.55pm – TG 3 World Agenda (current events)
00:55 – A day in the magistrate’s court (column)
01:25 – The brat (Charlie Chaplin film, 2021)

Network 4

21:20 – Like a hurricane (film by George C. Wolfe, 2008)
23:35 – Confessione reporter (report)
00:55 – The tit and the moon (film by Bigas Luna, 1994)

Channel 5

21:00 – Champions League: Manchester City – Inter (calcio)
11.00pm – Champions League Live (sports section)
00:05 – TG 5 Notte (newscast)

Italia 1

21:20 – Shrek and they lived happily ever after (film by Mike Mitchell, 2010)
11:10 pm – Gladiators of Rome (film by Iginio Straffi, 2012)
00:55 – Trial & Error (television series, season 1 episodes 7-8-9)

the 7

21:15 – Eden – A planet to save (column)
00:05 – TG La 7 (news)
00:15 – Antechamber with a view (directory)
00:25 – On air (news)

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TV 8

21:00 – Radio Zeta Future Hits Live 2023 (musicale)
00:15 – Ghost Movie 2 – This time it’s war (film by Michael Tiddes, 2014)

Also discover the Disney+ world for your favorite TV series

New ones

21:25 – Lady Gucci – The story of Patrizia Reggiani (documentary)
11:25 pm – Angelo Izzo – Black heart (documentary)
00:55 – Family crimes (real crime)

Rai Movie

21:10 – Don’t hate (film by Mauro Mancini, 2020)
22:50 –
Nothing can stop us (film by Luigi Cecinelli, 2013)
00:30 – Neapolitan Made in China (film by Simone Schettino, 2017)


21:00 – The Game – No rules (film by David Fincher, 1997)
23:40 – The Watcher (film di Joe Charbanic, 2000)
01:40 – Guilty of Murder (film by Michael Caton-Jones, 2002)


21:15 – My wife, a body for love (film by Mario Imperoli, 1972)
23:15 – Public Sex, Private Lies (documentario)
00:35 – Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne (documentary)

Rai 4

21:20 – Curves – Deadly Snare (film by Iain Softley, 2015)
10:45 pm – Kidnap (film by Luis Prieto, 2017)
00:20 – Anica – Appointment at the cinema (column)
00:25 – Perry Mason (television series, season 1 episodes 3-4)

Rai 5

21:15 – Love is a shrimp (show)
10.45pm – The Fantarca (show)
23:45 – Johnny Clegg, The White Zulu (documentario)
00:45 – Rock Legends (documentario)
01:10 – Rai News Notte (newscast)
01:15 – Art Night (documentario)

Films and TV series in bold. We are not responsible for last minute schedule changes.

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