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films, series and programs to see on June 27th…

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films, series and programs to see on June 27th…

Many alternatives available to viewers for tonight on TV, able to satisfy every need in terms of entertainment. In prime time, Rai 1 continues programming the episodes of the first season of Sophie Crosswhile Italia 1 responds with the musical show Love Mi. Space also for current affairs with #Cartabianca e Standstill investigationsbroadcast respectively at 21:20 on Rai 3 and at 21:15 on La 7.

There are also several options for the cinema tonight on TV. Network 4 broadcasts in succession The Bourne Identity Of Doug Liman e The Last Boy Scout – Mission: Survive Of Tony Scottwhile Canale 5 program Suddenly a mother Of Claudio Norza. Also noteworthy is the proposal from Cielo, which is broadcast in prime time Super 8 Of J. J. Abrams.

Below, everything that awaits us tonight on TV.

Tonight on TV: movies, series and shows to watch on June 27, 2023

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Rai 1

21:25 – Sophie Cross (television series, season 1 )
11.20pm – Door to door (current events)
01:05 – Rai News 24 (news)
01:35 – What is the weather like (weather forecast)
01:40 – Overland 22 – From the Atlantic to the Karakoram (reportage)

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Rai 2

21:20 – For a lifetime (film by Paolo Costella, 2021)
11.05pm – The press conference (talk show)
00:10 – Generation Z (current events)
01:35 – The lunatics (news)

Rai 3

21:20 – #Cartabianca (current events)
00:00 – TG 3 Night line (news)
01:00 – Meteo 3 (weather forecast)
01:15 – Protestantism (column)

Network 4

21:25 – The Bourne Identity (film di Doug Liman, 2002)
11:45pm – The Last Boy Scout – Mission: Survive (film by Tony Scott, 1991)
01:45 – TG 4 The last hour Night (newscast)

Channel 5

21:20 – A mother suddenly (film by Claudio Norza, 2023)
11.30pm – X-Style (column)
00:10 – TG 5 Night (newscast)

Italia 1

19:00 – Love Mi (musical)
00:15 – AP Bio (TV Series, Season 3 Episodes 7-8, Season 4 Episodes 1-2)
01:55 – Open studio – The day (column)

the 7

21:15 – Stationary investigations (current events)
11.15pm – La 7 Doc (documentary)
00:15 – TG La 7 (news)
00:25 – Half past eight (current events)

TV 8

21:30 – Who wants to marry my mum or dad? (dating show)
23:30 – Gialappashow (show)
01:30 – Big Mama (movie on King Gosnell, 2000)

New ones

21:15 – Outposts – Operations team (report)
23:15 – Prometheus (film di Ridley Scott, 2012)
01:40 – Airport Security Spagna (real TV)

Rai Movie

21:10 – Official Secrets – State secret (Gavin Hood film, 2019)
11:05pm – Green Book (film by Peter Farrelly, 2018)

01:20 – The translator (film by Massimo Natale, 2016)


21:00 – Men of the Wild Land (film by Delmer Daves, 1958)
10:45 pm – Two stars in the dust (film by Arnold Laven, 1967)
00:50 – Silent Witness (film by Monika Mitchell, 2015)

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21:15 – Super 8 (film by JJ Abrams, 2011)
11.15pm – La Bonne (film by Salvatore Samperi, 1986)

Rai 4

21:20 – Alien: Covenant (film di Ridley Scott, 2017)
11.25pm ​​– Wonderland (column)
00:00 – The man who killed Hitler and then Bigfoot (film by Robert D. Krzykowski, 2018)
01:40 – Jiu Jitsu (film by Dimitri Logothetis, 2020)

Rai 5

21:15 – Bombshell – The voice of the scandal (film by Jay Roach, 2019)
11:05pm – Still on the run – The Jeff Beck story (documentary)
00:30 – Rock Legends (documentario)
01:20 – Charade – The circle of words (column)

Films and TV series in bold. We are not responsible for last minute schedule changes.

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