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films, series and programs to watch on November 25th…

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films, series and programs to watch on November 25th…

There are many alternatives available to viewers for tonight on TV, starting with the new appointment with dancing with the Starsbroadcast starting at 8.35pm on Rai 1. Canale 5 responds with The album of Tú si que valeswhile for current affairs there is space for In other wordsscheduled at 8.35pm on La 7.

There are also several options when it comes to cinema on TV tonight. Rete 4 proposes Even and odd Of Sergio Corbucciwhile Italia 1 responds with Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Sea of ​​Monsters Of Thor Freudenthal e A very special friend Of Alexandre Coffre. Finally, it is worth mentioning the programming of Rai Movie which broadcasts in succession Life is possible Of Ivano De Matteo e Everyone’s fine at home Of Gabriele Muccino. Below, the complete list of everything that awaits us on TV tonight.

Tonight on TV: films, series and programs to watch on November 25, 2023

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Rai 1

8.35pm – Dancing with the Stars (talent show)
00:45 – Unnamed children (event)

Rai 2

9.20pm – SWAT (television series, season 6 episodes 17-18)
11.00pm – TG 2 Dossier (current affairs)
11.45pm – Meteo 2 (weather forecast)
11.50pm – TG 2 Stories: Stories of the week (current events)
00:30 – TG 2 Carpenter (column)
01:00 – TG 2 Cinematinée (column)
01:05 – TG 2 Ahab Libri (column)
01:10 – TG 2 Yes, traveling (column)
01:20 – TG 2 Eat Parade (rubrica)
01:35 – Date at the cinema (column)
01:40 – Rai News 24 (newscast)

Rai 3

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9.45pm – Sapiens – One planet (scientific column)
11.55pm – TG 3 Mondo (current affairs)
00:20 – TG 3 World Agenda (column)
00:30 – A day in the magistrates’ court (column)
01:50 – In defense of – Pietro Citati and the Domus Aurea (documentary)

Network 4

9.25pm ​​– Odds and Evens (film by Sergio Corbucci, 1978)
23:55 – Confessione reporter (report)
00:50 – Maradonapoli (documentary)

Channel 5

21:20 – Tú sí que vales album (talent show)
00:55 – TG 5 Notte (newscast)

Italia 1

9.20pm – Percy Jackson and the Olympians – The Sea of ​​Monsters (film by Thor Freudenthal, 2013)
11.35pm – A very special friend (film by Alexandre Coffre, 2014)
01:15 – AP Bio (television series, season 3 episodes 1-2)

The 7

8.35pm – In other words (current events)
11.15pm – Another Tomorrow (documentary)
01:20 – TG La 7 (newscast)
01:30 – Saudi Championship (football)

TV 8

8.35pm – Alessandro Borghese – 4 Restaurants (cooking show)
22:45 – Bruno Barbieri – 4 Hotel (real TV)
00:00 – Alessandro Borghese – 4 Restaurants (cooking show)

New ones

9.25pm ​​– Agreements & Disagreements (current affairs)
23:40 – Freddie Mercury – The Great Pretender (documentario)
01:40 – Family crimes (real crime)

Rai Movie

9.10pm – Possible life (film by Ivano De Matteo, 2016)
11.00pm – Everyone’s Home (film by Gabriele Muccino, 2018)

00:55 – My best profile (film by Safy Nebbou, 2019)


9.00pm – The Just Cause (film by Arne Glimcher, 1995)
11.20pm – Only for revenge (film by Roger Donaldson, 2011)
01:30 – The King of Thieves (film by Richard Claus, 2006)


9.15pm – House of Pleasure (film by Alex Damiano, 1989)
11.15pm – Hardcore: the true story of Traci Lords (documentary)
00:30 – E-rotic: journey into cyber-porn (documentary)
01:30 – Sex before exams (documentary)

Rai 4

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9.20pm – In the Den of the Wolves (film by Christian Gudegast, 2018)
23:40 – Lucky (film on Natasha Kermani, 2020)
01:05 – Anica – Date at the cinema (column)
01:10 – Turnip (television series, season 1 episodes 3-4)

Rai 5

9.15pm – Romeo and Juliet (show)
00:05 – The Minotaur (show)
01:15 – Rai News – Night (newscast)
01:20 – Art Night (documentario)

Films and television series in bold. We are not responsible for last minute schedule changes.

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